10 ways to decorate with white

10 ways to decorate with white

Incorporate white into your home with these helpful tips. Author: Magdalena Bjornsdotter


10 ways to decorate with white

See how cool winter whites take centre stage in this Scandinavian chic house year-round.


When surrounded by snow, the cool winter whites that take centre stage in this eclectic Scandinavian chic house year-round could look downright frigid but instead seem warm and inviting. Here are ten reasons why they work and how they can inspire you to decorate with white in your home.


1 Elevate your entrance with evergreens
Your home may be surrounded by nature, but don’t overlook fresh greenery in your exterior decor. Evergreen wreaths and potted fir trees are a welcoming display on this porch.


2 Strike a contrast
Sometimes layers upon layers of white can be so airy they appear to be floating away, so it’s important to anchor your space with a bold accent colour that lets the white shine but doesn’t steal the show. In this interior, black does the trick, grounding the space with a dose of lively patterns, but nothing solid – which would look too heavy, taking away from the weightless whites.


3 Make it personal
Home decor is so much more successful when it’s personal. When you travel, pick up souvenirs that suit your home’s palette but still remind you of that exotic place abroad. For these homeowners, it’s some monogrammed decorative accesories in an artisanal bowl tucked into a curio cabinet.


4 Bring in botanicals
Although white feels super-wintry, your decor doesn’t have to be cold and spare. Above the desk, framed prints of foliage and just-about-to-bloom buds of magnolia remind visitors of spring – Jack Frost hasn’t taken over the whole house!


5 Forage at flea markets
If white is your go-to hue, you probably have a couple of remnant cans of paint kicking around, what with the walls, ceiling, trim and furniture taking on that (non) colour. Let the flea market world be your oyster: Antique wooden pieces can be instantly updated with a coat of paint to suit your space. These dining chairs are the homeowners’ most recent find, and their simple white makeover makes them look as though they are meant for the space.


6 Embrace understated undertones
In the whole spectrum of whites, those classified as “cool” tend to have blue undertones. Here, tinted glass, bluish purple blooms and icy silver decor accessories blend effortlessly and add dimension.


7 Mirror mother nature
Since she gets it right with each and every one of her designs, let Mother Nature dictate some of your home decor. Here, the woods are echoed by the twiggy arms of the chandelier and the branches on the dining table. A striped rug, a lacy tablecloth and a twiggy table arrangement add interest in the absence of colour.


8 Don't let low ceilings get you down
The subtle switch in shades of white from wall to ceiling lets its low stature go largely unnoticed. An organized desk and comfy chair are the perfect pieces to fit underneath the angled ceiling.


9 Go for folk
Folk patterns rarely read as cold or edgy, so they make a fabulous foil to cool whites and add an element of interest in the absence of colour. Try framing some wallpaper or wrapping paper remnants for a cutesy effect.


10 Crave a little country
Soft and romantic, the layered bedding, ruffled bedskirt and pile of throw pillows at the foot of the bed lend a wellloved and lived-in look, cozying up the palette’s potentially clinical feel.


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10 ways to decorate with white