2012 paint colour trends

2012 paint colour trends

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2012 paint colour trends

From an ode to Mother Nature with earth tones and blues, to bright, candy colours that are meant to express optimism in our ever-changing world, 2012 paint trends provide a delightful rainbow of choice to those of us who want to refresh a room. Somber sophistication squares off with rich, vibrant pastels. And what’s clear is that there is no right answer when it comes to the palette you choose for your home. You can select your paint palette based on your current mood or your enduring design aesthetic. Either way, 2012 might just be the year to shake things up. Check out the following paint companies’ picks to see what they’ve identified as key looks for the coming year.

Paint-CIL.jpgCIL paints
According to CIL Paints, a “blushy, lively, juicy red” colour is where it’s at for 2012. And the shade of the year? Tea Dance. According to Alison Goldman from CIL, this hue is like a chameleon because “it’s reassuring or edgy, soft or bright, depending on what it’s paired with. When mixing and matching with other colours, Alison says it pairs well with warm neutrals for a softer look, or with lemonade yellow for a more modern vibe.

Where to use this paint colour palette

“Tea Dance can be used in any room, but is ideally suited to a more energetic environment,” says Alison. We agree and think that this yummy shade has “craft room” written all over it, especially with lots of white accents. “Reds are traditionally thought to increase energy and appetite, so a kitchen, dining room or basement games room would all be beautifully enhanced with Tea Dance,” she adds.

Tea Dance (10YR 21/436), or call 1-800-DURABLE for a CIL retailer near you.

Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore is singing the blues for 2012, but in a calming, positive way. Four blues are in the forecast: Wythe Blue HC-143, Nimbus Gray 2131-50, Amethyst Shadow CC-930 and Montpelier AF-555. “We have been witnessing a cooling of the palette for several years now, jump-started with gray’s rise to the top of the charts in the neutral category,” says Sharon Grech, colour and design spokesperson for Benjamin Moore Canada. “With gray as the main neutral in home decor, cooler hues like blue and purple coordinate well and bring novel colour combinations into the home fashion mix.” 

We love the warm, inviting, cosy feeling Wythe Blue gives to the room pictured here. As Sharon explains, this hue has a retro feel, but with a sense of modernity, especially when combined with deep charcoal and cream. “It’s an excellent partner to various wood tones, and complements the grays and whites that have become current decorating basics,” she says.

Where to use this paint colour palette
“Wythe blue is much more versatile than you might think,” says Sharon, who believes the colour could work in a variety of rooms from the bedroom to a bathroom to a dining room. “It is ideal as a wall or ceiling colour in any space where you want to create a serene, comfortable ambiance.”

Wythe Blue HC-143, visit for a store locator to find the closest retailer. Paint-Olympic.jpg
Olympic paints and stains
Vibrant earth tones dominate the 2012 palette for Olympic Paints and Stains. Colour manager Misty Walker says that the tangy oranges, tropical blue and accent white, anchored by the “fun, nutty brown” shade were born from a consumer desire for brighter colours and a sense of optimism.

If bright colours intimidate you, you don’t necessarily have to use them on the walls, says Misty. “If you love one of the brighter colours and you’re not sure you can commit to an accent wall, a duvet cover is a great way to add that colour to the room.” Walker also recommends using the 60-30-10 rule where you can introduce up to five colours, applying them to various visual elements, but not just the walls. For example, 60 per cent would be your wall colour, 30 per cent the ceiling or accent wall and 10 per cent for the trim, accessories, etc.

“I think this palette would be so much fun in a living room, family room or even in an office,” says Misty. “You can have a little bit more fun with it.” Walls: Indiana Clay A24-5; ceiling and trim: Colonial White C10-3; Olympic Paints are available in Canada exclusively at Lowe’s stores in Alberta and Ontario. Paint-sico.jpg
Sico’s international team of designers, architects and event sociologists chose three colour themes for 2012 that are a reflection of global trends in fashion, politics, technology and the economy. “These themes reflect the diversity of tastes and attitudes we see,” says Mylène Gévry of Sico. Living Scrapbook features a warm, coral red; Delicate Mix, a selection of calming neutrals and One Small Seed is a fresh, modern representation of photosynthesis. This last, curious palette pairs a pale green and deep aubergine with a soft white.

Where to use this paint colour palette

“Colour zoning is an ideal way to bring out the best of these colours,” says Mylène. “The delicate green can be used as the main base colour, while the rich aubergine can be applied as an accent colour, to highlight an architectural feature or to create a visual impact.

Left wall: Inscrutable Sky (6176-83); wall behind lights: Marjoram (6141-31); Ceiling: Cotton Ball (6186-21); visit for a retailer near you. Paint-Farrow.jpg
Farrow & Ball
A bold approach shaped Farrow & Ball’s palettes for 2012. Clearly influenced by fashion’s colour blocking trend, four unique colour combinations—Pigeon, Brassica, Railings and Babouche—have been chosen to bring a fresh, modern air to any room in your home. “In the present economic climate, blocks of strong colour and contrasts can give you a boost and make you smile,” says Sarah Cole, director of Farrow & Ball. “The key to this look is unexpected colour combinations, for example try using the soft aubergine shade Brassica on walls combined with vivid Stone Blue on the ceiling and down to the picture rail. 

Where to use this paint colour palette
Besides using the colour on your walls, Sarah recommends some more unexpected places to let your paint brush loose:
•    Contrast large blocks of colour on floors and contrast with unexpected tones on the wall
•    A piece of furniture painted in a strong tone
•    A kitchen island

Wall: Brassica No.271 Estate Emulsion; ceiling and chair (left): Stone Blue NO.86 Estate Emulsion/Estate Eggshell on chair; door: Manor House Gray No.265 Estate Eggshell; chair (right) and table: Cornforth White No.228 Estate Eggshell. Find one of the 25 stockists in Canada near you online at (where you can also order it) or via mail order at 1-888-511-1121. Painting-Behr.jpg
Behr paints
Behr’s playful, delicious shades for their 2012 Tea Party trend palette look like they were brought to life by the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. According to Nancy Bollefer of Behr Paints, the British royal wedding, with its hats and dresses, food and traditional ceremonies, was a big influence. “People are looking for anything that will lift their spirits these days. The goal is to reinvent traditional decor to emulate a light-hearted, slightly whimsical tone to a space,” she says.

Where to use this paint colour palette

Behr didn’t just have walls in mind when coming up with their colour scheme. “It is a very eclectic and creative look combing traditional, country, vintage and shabby chic details,” explains Nancy. “The idea here is to use paint to reinvent a piece of furniture that may have been a hand-me-down, or found at a flea market.” Colour could also be used on the ceiling to add visual interest, she says.

Tea Party: Queen’s Tart #T12-16, Violet Water #T12-17, Minty Frosting #T12-18, Sugar Pool #T12-19, First Peach #T12-20; Home Depot stores nationwide. Painting-last.jpg
Beauti-Tone Paint
From Grey Jersey to Blue Suede Shoes to Japanese Blossom, Beauti-Tone has selected several subtle jewel tones for 2012. We like Japanese Blossom from the Simon Chang Trend Collection, a warm, soothing pink that would work well in a powder room or a den. “Japanese Blossom is one of the rare pinks that doesn't bloom on the wall,” says Bev Bell, creative director of Beauti-Tone Paint. It is a delicate hue that can stand alone, but plays very well with others, which creates fresh new colour combinations, she says.

Fantastic in a bath, the cosmetic pink would always make you look vital and healthy in the mirror as the hue reflects on your skin.

Where to use this paint colour palette
“The obvious room to suggest is a bedroom, but I find it is a gender neutral pink,” says Bev, who thinks that the living and dining rooms and entranceway would create a fresh sophisticated statement.

Japanese Blossom, exclusively at Home Hardware stores across Canada.

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2012 paint colour trends