A foolproof guide to choosing paint for every room

A foolproof guide to choosing paint for every room

Image: Michael Nangreaves | Design: Andrea McCrindle


A foolproof guide to choosing paint for every room

Design experts from across the country share their favourite hues to help you pick the perfect paint for each room in your home.



Image: Donna Griffith | Design: Orsi Panos Interiors



1 CINDER AF-705, Benjamin Moore.
“Cinder strikes a perfect balance between light and dark, keeping a kitchen feeling timeless but still dynamic and interesting.” —Christine Dovey, Christine Dovey Style

2 STIFFKEY BLUE 281, Farrow & Ball.
“Have an all-white kitchen? Make your space eye-catching with an island in a deep navy blue.” — Tara Fingold, Tara Fingold Interiors

3 SUNNY VERANDA SW9017, Sherwin-Williams.
“The best kitchens are sunny and cheerful, and this colour is just that. Pair this luminous yet grounded yellow with white cabinets and dark accents.” — Michael Penney, Penney & Company

4 BLACK BEAUTY 2128-10, Benjamin Moore.
“Cabinetry painted in this warm rich black gives a kitchen impact but, at the same time, feels neutral.” — Jordy Fagan & Alana Firestone, Collective Studio

5 ALL WHITE 2005, Farrow & Ball.
“I just love a white kitchen! Sometimes white can read as too cold, but this shade is bright and clean with a soft side.” — Shirley Meisels, MHouse

6 EXTRA WHITE SW-7006, Sherwin-Williams.
“Extra White is a crisp white that doesn’t teeter toward yellow or blue. Use it on walls and cabinetry.” — Orsi Panos, Orsi Panos Interiors




Image: Michael Graydon | Design: Tara Fingold Interiors



1 PURE WHITE SW7005, Sherwin-Williams.
“Dining rooms don’t have to be dark and formal. Let them be a continuation of adjacent rooms, giving furniture and fabrics a backdrop to pop against.” — Tara Fingold, Tara Fingold Interiors

2 HEAVENLY AROMAS P5238-34, Para Paints.
“This grey-violet can read as pink in some lights and moody grey in others – it’s a chameleon colour with a lot of depth.” — Christine Dovey, Christine Dovey Style

3 HALE NAVY HC-154, Benjamin Moore.
“Create a sense of drama by painting the walls above white wainscotting a bold hue. Hale Navy feels timeless but edgy thanks to its intensity.” — Jessica Waks, Jessica Claure Interiors

4 RAINFOREST FOLIAGE 2040-10, Benjamin Moore.
“The dining room is a space to show off your personality to guests. Try any dark colour to set the mood – I’m loving this gorgeous green.” — Jennifer Reid, Barlow Reid Design

5 DECORATOR’S WHITE CC-20, Benjamin Moore.
“This tried-and-true white is ideal for rooms that get a lot of light, as well as those that need it. It has a slight grey undertone, which is at once modern and classic.” — Jennifer Ferreira, Ferreira  Design

6 GRAY 2121-10, Benjamin Moore.
“If you want to go dark in one space, the dining room is the place to do it. Give this smoky charcoal a try; great lighting and artwork will make this hue pop.” — Ali Budd, Ali Budd Interiors




Image: Michael Nangreaves | Design: Andrea McCrindle


1 PINK BLISS 2093-70, Benjamin Moore.
“Pale pink is such a calm nurturing hue. This shade has a pleasant peach undertone, which keeps it from looking childish.” — Jennifer Reid, Barlow Reid Design

2 GEORGIAN GREEN HC-115, Benjamin Moore.
“This historical-look khaki green provides a calming sophisticated backdrop; use brightly coloured accents like robin’s egg blue and lilac.” — Michael Penney, Penney & Company

3 PEIGNOIR 286, Farrow & Ball.
“I’m forever a fan of soothing grey-toned mauves in the bedroom mixed with pewter grey and vintage minty green.” — Christine Hanlon, Style at Home Contributing Editor, Christine Hanlon

4 MONTICELLO ROSE HC-63, Benjamin Moore.
“I recently painted a bedroom in this dusty blush tone. When mixed with soft greys, whites and hints of pale blue, it looks fresh and modern.” — Shirley Meisels, MHouse

5 BALBOA MIST OC-27, Benjamin Moore.
“It’s a very relaxing colour, which is exactly how a bedroom should feel. It’s also a neutral, so it works well with any shade of furniture and artwork.” — Jennifer Ferreira, Ferreira  Design

6 WICKHAM GRAY HC-171, Benjamin Moore.
“This grey reads more as a soft blue but in the best way. It’s elegant and perfect for a bedroom, as it doesn’t feel too masculine or too feminine.” — Ingrid Oomen, Qummunicate




Image: Monic Richard | Design: Marc Gold Interiorsnull

1 MYSTERIOUS AF-565, Benjamin Moore.
“This deep chalky blue is striking against white porcelain and looks amazing with satin brass or polished nickel fixtures.” — Stacy McLennan, Stacy McLennan Interiors

2 PITCH BLACK 256, Farrow & Ball.
“The powder room is the jewel box of the home. You want to open it up and be surprised. I often use this pure black, which allows accessories to take centre stage.” — Shirley Meisels, MHouse

3 CERISE SW 6580, Sherwin-Williams.
“A powder room is a great place to express oneself with paint and make a statement. Entirely envelop this small space in this hue for a seamless look.” — Christine Hanlon, Style at Home Contributing Editor, Christine Hanlon

4 TRUE PINK 2003-40, Benjamin Moore.
“This is a happy hue that gives off great energy in the morning and warm soothing vibes in the evening (think a candlelit bath). Mix it with paler shades like light greys and soft whites.” — Stacy Begg, Stacy Begg Design

5 METROPOLIS CC-546, Benjamin Moore.
“Small spaces o er a wonderful opportunity to be bold. Cozy up your bathroom with this warm dark grey. For striking results, paint the trim in the same colour.” — Tara Fingold, Tara Fingold Interiors

6 CHARLOTTE’S LOCKS 268, Farrow & Ball.
“This deep orange brings a huge pop of colour to a powder room – it’s warm, lively and playful. It’s a feel-good colour!” — Margie Doyle White, Doyle Design Group




Image: Michael Nangreaves | Design: Andrea McCrindlenull

Our home & style director, Ann Marie Favot, shares her favourite show-stopping shades for the living room from Premier.

1 Premier FOREST HILL PR16S03, Canadian Tire.
“With its lilac undertone, this taupe is a beautiful neutral, and it’s a pretty alternative to last year’s popular blush tones.”

2 Premier WINTER SKY PR16R31, Canadian Tire.
“Warm and sophisticated, this pale blue-grey makes the perfect backdrop for
a cozy living room.”

3 Premier EVERGREEN PR16X29, Canadian Tire.
“British racing green is making a comeback this year, and I’d like to see it in a living room with light-toned upholstery pieces for a modern spin.”

4 Premier COLLING- WOOD PR16X33, Canadian Tire.
“A classic navy looks elegant in any space. Although it’s deep and rich, treat it as
a neutral when decorating your room.”

5 Premier LAKE LOUISE PR16R36, Canadian Tire.
“Create a serene living room with this light blue, which will complement most furniture styles.”


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A foolproof guide to choosing paint for every room