A paint colour for every room

A paint colour for every room

A paint colour for every room Author: Style At Home


A paint colour for every room

“When choosing a paint colour for each room in the house, think of the function of the room,” says Toronto-based interior designer Olivia Hnatyshin. Examining the purpose of the room and why you are in it, will better help you pick an ideal paint colour for the space. She says to consider who will occupy the room the most and consider the other family members that may use the room. Additionally, think about how often the space is used. Ready to get started to choose a paint colour? Here are Olivia’s eight colour suggestions for painting each room in your house.

1 Kitchen: Yellow
Olivia says, “The kitchen is a place where everyone congregates and it should put you in a good mood.” For that reason, she suggests a bright, cheerful colour like yellow, which natural light will bounce off of.

2 Bathroom: Seafoam green

“It creates a spa-like atmosphere,” says Olivia about seafoam green, a colour between cyan and green. “You spend a lot of time getting dressed in the bathroom and it should be a relaxing space,” she explains. For an area of the house that you use on a daily basis and for a copious amount of time, Olivia recommends a calm colour like seafoam green to create a serene atmosphere.  

3 Couple’s bedroom: Silver
Not metallic silver, but a silver that is softer and closer to grey permits what Olivia calls “a gender neutral colour.” She describes it as perfect for a couple’s room because it appeals to both the male and female aspects of a bedroom. She says it’s easy to add feminine touches like silver paint on the walls, but at the same time it’s still masculine.

4 Living room: Butterscotch
When choosing a paint colour for the living room, Olivia hints at having a neutral colour. “Choose a colour that can be versatile with the furniture,” she says. She explains that as furniture changes through time, the colour needs to correspond along the way. “The butterscotch tone will grow with the furniture,” she says. As a result, in a few years it will still be viable to work with the furniture. She adds that a butterscotch paint colour also works well with different fabrics and furniture pieces. “The warm brown base can work with all seasons, whether winter or summer,” she says. This paint colour is also family-friendly for the living room because “the kids can put their fingers on the wall and it won’t get dirty.”

5 Dining room: Cranberry
“Cranberry is a rich colour. It is traditional, yet a little different than red,” says Olivia. A cranberry paint colour is a contemporary take on red and is actually a colour known to stimulate your taste buds she says. For such a formal area of the home like the dining room, where we tend to gather for family dinners or to host formal events, Olivia says that an intimate atmosphere should be created in the space. This can be accomplished with the help of this paint since it suits as a bold, yet formal colour.  

6 Home office: Wedgwood blue
Since anyone who uses a home office on a regular basis tends to spend a lot of time in this space, it’s only fitting to have a calming, yet colourful paint colour. A grey-blue colour will keep you cool and composed amidst the papers stacked on your desk, but Olivia says a ‘Wedgwood’-inspired blue is also still colourful enough to keep your mood up.

7 Laundry room: Grass green

“With small spaces like the laundry room, you can afford to add a pop of colour,” says Olivia. “Grass green is a fresh colour that is something clean and contemporary but not too overpowering for the laundry room.”

8 Basement: Bone
“It’s a really big space,” says Olivia about the basement. It requires a warm neutral colour so as not to overwhelm the eyes, she says. Since this area of the house is usually dark and cold, you can add warmth through the paint colour you choose. Olivia recommends a bone coloured paint – something that’s a shade of white but far lighter than brown. She says to avoid anything too colourful, which she says can be overwhelming in a basement. “A dark colour in a basement with no windows will make the space look like a cave.” A bone colour is just right as it is warm and inviting, she says.


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A paint colour for every room