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All about green

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All about green

So exciting is the sight of fresh green buds poking through the snow in spring -- nature's finest signal that winter's long spell is over. You can't help but rejoice that the world will once again be green.

Interestingly, we also have a unique relationship with the colour green: our eyes can detect more shades of green than any other colour, which may be why we use it so much in our homes.

Interior decorator Faye Longhurst says green is the most popular colour for wall paint next to shades of white, and predicts we're going to see even more of it. "Green will continue to be a favourite in the next few years, mainly because of the focus and concern for our environment," she says.

While green is generally a relaxing and soothing colour, it is possible to go overboard and Faye cautions against its overuse. "Too much green in a home not complimented by warm colours such as pink, red, orange and yellow can have a depressing effect," she explains.

Where to use green
Green is so versatile it can be found in both warm and cool shades, but finding the "right" green for your individual rooms can be very difficult. Here are Faye's recommendations:

For the kids: "A strong lime green, because of the yellow content, can be quite stimulating so wouldn't be good for a child's bedroom but could work in a playroom," she says.

Entrances or dining rooms: "Green is a wonderful colour for a hallway/entrance or dining room providing the right shade is chosen for the room's direction and the amount of lighting in the room," she explains. For these rooms in particular, homeowners should seek the guidance of a professional for the best results.

To compliment room features: "Most greens are very complimentary against stained wood, and beautiful beside white trim," she says.

Faye cautions that choosing green for a north room may make the room seem cold. She also warns against green in the kitchen with too much yellow pigment in the tint.

Faye Longhurst is an interior decorator with over 20 years' experience and owner of Faye Longhurst Designs in Newmarket, Ontario since 1990. For a consultation, call 905-895-2755.


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6 Opal Vases, $12 - $28
Green vases will make any assortment of flowers extra brilliant, or fill them with artfully arranged twigs for a more earthy look.

7 Slätthult bamboo wall decoration, $29.99 per six pack
These very cool bamboo wall decorations come with adhesive backings. You decide the look, size and spacing of all the pieces and stick them anywhere in your home.

8 Areca Silk Palm Tree, 3', $73.92
The easiest way to add green to your home? Add plants, of course! This Areca Palm is silk for easiest care and convenience, but visit your local nursery for a variety of tropical trees and plants.

9 Built NY - Neoprene Gourmet Getaway Picnic Tote, $30
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10 Citrus Cilantro Infused Candles, US$6 - $16
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All about green