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Colour commentary

Jane Hall Designer, Jane Hall The Voice of Color, Toronto, 416-462-2949;
Our most popular colours (all from Pittsburgh Paints) are the shades of spices and herbs: rich golds like Lion's Mane 216-5 and Braided Raffia 218-6; hot burnt oranges like Rum Raisin 230-7 and Crossfire 130-7; warm terra-cottas like Pizza Pie 331-6 and Fire Weed 432-6; sage greens like Nettle 312-4 and Woolen Vest 412-4. When using neutrals, we prefer elegant hues with personality and complexity, like Jute 314-5, Applesauce Cake 316-5 and Earthy Cane 313-4. Create drama with sophisticated combinations like warm chocolate brown accented with deep periwinkle blue, as in Bird House Brown 425-7 and Grape Haze 446-6, or a complex purple with celery green, like Chocolate Sparkle 536-6 and Cress Green 311-4. Bright citrus hues like Lime Green 209-5, yellow Honey Maple 119-6 and hot pink Panama Rose 137-7, are also rising on the charts.

Lina Fraser Designer, Colour & Design for Interiors, Bedford, N.S., 902-446-4252
Two of our favourite residential colours are Sico's Light Sugar 4150-11, which is a white with pale mocha tones, and Benjamin Moore's Cloud White CC-40 for trim. This past year, colours were much stronger, with deep violets bordering on black, and rusts, but the trend will soften in 2004. Instead of deep pinks, we'll see light ones, like Benjamin Moore's Pleasant Pink 2094-60. Whites will still be used by many homeowners for that minimalist, contemporary look.

Francine Martineau Designer, Francine Martineau Designer, Montreal, 514-937-4113
My picks for 2004 are Yukon Sky CC-920, Gray Cashmere 2138-60, Cool Lava 2088-50 and Brown Horse 2108-30, all from Benjamin Moore.

Suzanne Castonguay Designer, Suzanne Castonguay Design, Fredericton, 506-457-0756
I tailor colour schemes to personalities and themes, rather than going for “this year's colour.” However, the following colours will make homes more interesting. Para Paints' rich, warm shades like Burma P545-2, Bronze Leaf P629-3, Lagoon P1567-2, Stoney Plain P901-1, Vizcaino Desert P712-2, Mushroom P2611-1, Beauty Mark P216-3 and Stone Manor P215-1. Natural Wool P2604-4 is a good basic neutral. And don't forget that good lighting always makes colours come alive.

Robert Bailey Interior Designer, Smart Design, Vancouver, 604-662-7015
I'm currently into cooler neutrals and hotter accents. Here are two directions using Ralph Lauren Paint. For a warmer palette, try mixing neutrals like Mombassa Mist TH11 or Cymric Silver TH09 with accent colours like Sedona Pink GH140 or Long John Red TH45, with Warwick Lodge NA56 as a deep accent. In a cool range, neutrals like Sweatshirt Grey TH04 or Roaring Mountain SS15 can be accented with colours like Wild Daisy GH116, Spring Rain SS16 or Greenhouse Khaki GH59, with Garden Spigot TH15 as an option for a deep accent tone.

Craig Alun Smith Creative Director, Plastic Buddha, 800-770-7344; Winnipeg, 204-452-3131
My choice for the dominant colour of 2004 is brown – Pantone 175C. The secondary colours will be light blues like Pantone 545C. Pinks will remain strong. Interior designers rarely initiate paint colour trends. It's the people on the street who are the true trendsetters.

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn



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Colour commentary