Colour corner: Decorating with colour

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Colour corner: Decorating with colour

When it comes down to decorating with colour and choosing the right shade of taupe for your family room, the right shade of yellow to make your kitchen sunny, or the right colours to accent your living room furniture—it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. STYLE AT HOME solves the problems for you with this decorating with colour guide that will help you mix and match colours—and with expert tips, decorating with colour has never been so easy!

All about yellow
Uplift, energize and get happy with yellow in your home decor.

All about red
Rousing and romantic, learn how to embrace this energizing hue anywhere in your home decor scheme.

All about pink
Ditch the old dusty rose and open up to the eye-popping new world of pink for your home decor.

All about orange
Vibrant and engaging, harvest the power of orange to your home decor.

All about green
Take your urge to emerge and express it with a fresh palette of green.

All about blue
Relax and unwind with soul-pleasing blues.

Colour palette perfection
"Mood, match, sample." Find out out how these three words will help you pick out the right colours for your home's walls.

Design lesson: Blue mood
Find the shade of blue that suits you and your mood.

Colour confidence
Experimenting with colour can make a world of difference in your home.

Colour your world happy
Understanding the psychology of colour will help you to choose a palette for your home that has a positive effect on you and your family.

Design lesson: Colour confidence
Designer Kimberley Seldon offers advice for choosing the right hues for your home.

Colour commentary
STYLE AT HOME asked Canadian designers what shades are colouring their outlook for 2004 and beyond. Find out what the forecast looks like.

5 lessons for mixing colour and pattern
A graceful combination of pattern, texture and colour can add dimension to your home.


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Colour corner: Decorating with colour