Holiday decor: Decorating with green

Holiday decor: Decorating with green

Holiday decor: Decorating with green Author: Style At Home


Holiday decor: Decorating with green

Green is the colour of life and, as such, suggests a delightful message of joy and hope for the holidays. Hence when it comes to holiday decorating, green often serves as the backdrop. This season, we’ve brought it front and centre with layer upon layer of this verdant hue. Take a look at these 11 ways to go green and get inspired.

1 Mix modern and classic

Combine contemporary dishes with holiday classics like tiny toys or beautiful Christmas ornaments. A small bowl with its modern bright pattern, for example, stands in as festive holiday decor when topped with a traditional Christmas cracker. Set several of these combinations on a table – one at each place setting – or use just one as a single display. green-holidaydecor-2.jpg
2 Use what you have

Create a casual vignette using old books layered with ribbon and trimmings for festive appeal. While there are beautiful ways to display books, vintage books also make thoughtful gifts for your favourite bibliophile. This pair of antique novels is charmed by lengths of green rickrack. green-holidaydecor-3.jpg
3 Group baubles

Not just for hanging on boughs, Christmas baubles look pretty when displayed in a bowl or, as shown here, in a basket. To get a rough-luxe look, place pretty Christmas tree ornaments of variant shades of green in a wicker basket. They can also be attached to presents for a traditional yet slightly unexpected gift topper. green-holidaydecor-4.jpg
4 Stimulate the senses

Aside from the traditional decorated Christmas tree, incorporate potted plants, such as jade, fig or orange trees, and fabulous flower arrangements to add an unexpected hit of fresh foliage. Create bouquets with scented evergreen boughs and fragrant herbs like thyme and rosemary to infuse your home with a delightful aroma. green-holidaydecor-5.jpg
5 Top it off

Scattering presents in holiday gift wrapping paper in every room throughout your home for a touch of Christmas cheer is an easy way to decorate. Here, a small wrapped gift sits on a stack of books. The wintry pine bough design, as well as the emerald green velvet ribbon, take the display from everyday to holiday. green-holidaydecor-6.jpg
6 Layer variant shades

Combine texture and pattern by layering papers, textiles, ornaments and foliage to introduce several tones of green into a single room. Wrap presents in different hues and contrasting ribbon. Invite comfort with velvet throw pillows on your sofa or chairs. Finish off the look with potted plants and fresh arrangements to add natural warmth to the space. green-holidaydecor-7.jpg
7 Take inspiration from nature

If you’re looking for complementary colour inspiration for your green scheme, think in terms of nature – stone, earth and sky hues work best. The greens, from citrine to deep forest, will pop when presented on a neutral backdrop or can give personality to a neutral room. green-holidaydecor-8.jpg
8 Go antique hunting

Add charm to your holiday decor with vintage holiday cards. If you don’t have any old Christmas cards lying around at home, they can be found, often inexpensively, in antiques shops, paper stores and online auctions. green-holidaydecor-9.jpg
9 Deck the chairs

Decorate your dining chairs with bundled branches of fresh evergreens, such as fir, cedar or pine. Attach to the chair’s arm with a piece of silk ribbon and adorn with an antique silver ornament. The acorn-shaped bauble seen here is a sweet little nod to nature – fitting for a green-themed holiday. green-holidaydecor10.jpg
10 Find your green thumb

Tall, statuesque paperwhites make a lovely statement during the holidays. Buy them at a local market and replant in a pretty pot or dish. Hide the soil with a soft layer of moss for a tidy look. green-holidaydecor-11.jpg
11 Think outside the bow

Use festive faux flowers, millinery bows, old corsages or brooches as creative gift toppers. Be sure to stick to the requisite green-on-green scheme for a cohesive look.


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Holiday decor: Decorating with green