Home decor: All about yellow

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Home decor: All about yellow

Nothing has dazzled human civilizations quite like our bright yellow sun. Warming, energizing, the source of life and sustenance on earth, it's a natural choice for bringing beauty and brilliance into the home.

But like the summer sun streaming through your office windows, too much refreshing yellow is over-stimulating and distracting. Just enough, however, will make your home a bright and inviting space. Decorator and designer Susan Kneller encourages yellow tones in the home and shares her expertise with three shades of yellow from the Pratt & Lambert line of paints. (note the colours on your screen may vary slightly from the true paint colours):

1 Pratt & Lambert paint colour number 10-30, Eggnog
This colour is comprised of bright yellow and deep yellow okra tints. "Eggnog works well in a kitchen or a child's bedroom. It is versatile enough to use in other bedrooms or a laundry room, but not a good choice for living or dining rooms," she says.

2 Pratt & Lambert paint colour number 9-25, Chamois
This tone is comprised of black, brown and yellow okra. "The colour is a wonderfully deep and warm, but only under the right lighting," she stresses. "This tone is also used in kitchens primarily giving it a California look."

3 Pratt & Lambert paint colour number 14-5, Buttery
"This happy bright yellow is best used in a sunroom that has natural lighting or skylights," she says. "Lime green accents and white wicker furniture make for a delightful room." She cautions that such a bright colour may not be suitable for a den or family room.

A word about lighting
When choosing paint colour, Kneller stresses that lighting can make or break the room. "Halogen is your clearest whitest light showing the true tones of the colour. Fluorescent bulbs or tubing and chandelier bulbs will camouflage the natural tone of colour you have chosen. When choosing your colour, make sure the colour is desirable in natural light, adjusted for sunlight positioning and direction as well as extra lighting fixtures in the room. All of your hard work and your time will be lost unless you keep this in mind at all times," she says.

Interiors with Charm is the creation of Susan Kneller's Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario based interior decorating and home renovation business. Get to know Susan at


1 Magickwoods Rainbow Collection Linen Tower in Yellow, $405
This brilliant linen tower will cheer up even the most drab laundry space or make a bold statement in the bedroom.
2 Soho Swivel Arm Chair Right in Yellow, $299
A fun, futuristic, yellow chair that swivels! This yellow chair has a left-armed sibling to really brighten up your room. Upholstered in velvety microfiber.
3 Golden Pillow, $30
Soft chenile makes this golden yellow pillow extra cozy and inviting. Use alone or to bring the yellow out in other patterned pillows.
4 Pryda vase, $16
This simple, buttery yellow vase will look beautiful anywhere in the house.
5 My Stuff Cottage Yellow Youth Night Stand, $99.99
A deep drawer for night time books and journals. This night table is part of a collection of yellow bedroom furniture from Sears.
6 Buttercream Vanilla Art Glass Candle, 3x4, US$12
Made with translucent paraffin, these hand-poured candles are filled it with Pier 1's exclusive Buttercream Vanilla fragrance.
7 KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, Buttercup Yellow, US$299.95
Breath new life into your kitchen with this buttercup yellow stand mixer by KitchenAid!
8 Provence Napkins, Yellow, Set of 4, US$20
A hand-printed classic from Williams-Sonoma, these napkins are part of the Provence dining series. Your guests will love them!
9 Attitudes Gerbera Silk Flower, $2 each
A bunch of yellow Gerbera daisies enliven any space. These beauties are 20" tall for maximum impact.
10 Alfi Kugel Frosted Carafe, $50
Made in Germany, this carafe's double-walled vacuum glass liner will keep liquids hot or cold for up to 12 hours.


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Home decor: All about yellow