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10 holiday decorating ideas

10 holiday decorating ideas

10 holiday decorating ideas Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

10 holiday decorating ideas

 'Tis the season to deck the halls and trim the tree -- but where should you begin?  Start by editing, evaluating and adding, then use these 10 ideas to inspire your holiday decor.

Start by packing away the remnants of your autumn decor and while you’re at it, also stow away some of your all-season favourites. By editing now, you'll ensure that your place doesn't look too cluttered once you've set out your holiday items. Plus, you'll have some elements to re-introduce in January to keep your home from looking bare once your Christmas items are packed away for another year.

Haul out all the delights that decorated your place last year. Figure out which ones are ready to be passed on to charity, which are ready to dazzle again this year and which ones need a little touch up -- maybe a new ribbon or a quick lick of paint. Decide where your existing decorations will go; try to spread some throughout your home and don't forget to add some special touches to your guest room and your powder room.  

Now that you know what you have and where it's going to go, you're in a position to see what you want to add to your decor repertoire for this season. Remember the style and colour of your existing decorations and always consider your personal style when choosing new additions. Also keep in mind the entertaining you'll be doing over the course of the season, which rooms you and your guests will use and how you can make the most engaging holiday impact in these spaces.


 1 Create a merry mantel
Make your mantel magical with this handmade garland. Pepperberries add a pop of colour while silver-hued eucalyptus adds texture and a hint of shimmer. Faux candles add the mellow light of the real thing without the drips and smoke. These ones are individually battery powered so they can be grouped for impact or scattered for ambience. Eucalyptus pepperberry garland $79, pillar candle lights $32 each, all from Restoration Hardware,



2 Go retro
Have a funky Christmas with this hip and happy tinsel wreath. It's a perfect hit of colour for the powder room or a fun addition to a child’s bedroom. Magenta tinsel wreath, $25 at Urban Outfitters,





3 Get cozy
Give your settee a touch of holiday style with these friendly cushions. Both darling designs are hand hooked in dyed wool. 'Mr. Chilly' is backed with crimson velveteen and 'Snow Dog' is backed with black velveteen. They’re sure to give everyone the warm fuzzies. Pillows, $109.95 each at Crate & Barrel,



4 Add a touch of whimsy
Let a Mountie greet your guests by stationing this nutcracker on a tablescape at your entrance. He’s part of an international collection of nutcrackers available this year that also includes a Scottish nutcracker and a German nutcracker who pays homage to the birthplace of the nutcracker tradition. Royal Canadian Mountie Nutcracker $59, Scottish Nutcracker $59, German Nutcracker $49 all at the Bombay Company,


5 Build a mini winter wonderland
Bring a little of the outdoors in with delicate pinecone candles and twig-ensconced pillars. Rectangular candle centerpiece $44.95. Pinecone candles $13.95 per 6-pack of minis,  $11.95 each for small size, $15.95 each for large size. Twig inclusion pillar candle $14.95 each, all at Crate and Barrel,




6 Feather your nest
Aviary elements are everywhere this year, so why not feature some feathered friends in your holiday decor? Perch a pair of metallic birds on an ornament tree and bring your buffet table up-to-date. Bird decorations $5.99 per 4-pack, silver hoop ornaments $2.90 per 3-pack, blue egg decorations $1.99 per 4-pack, ornament stand $2.99 each, scented candle in glass $2.99 each, tablecloth $14.99, all from the KALLT collection at Ikea,




7 Trim a tiny tree
Less is more in trees this year, so embrace your inner Charlie Brown and find the true meaning of Christmas in a charming, simple tree. Great for ‘sprucing’ up a guest room, this little sprout features feathery poly branches and a monochromatic resin base. Christmas tree $69, West Elm,



8 Dine with a golden lining
Set an unforgettable table in classic ivory and gold and your guests will be delighted  — no matter how the turkey turns out! Holiday trees dinner plates $19.99 per 4-pack, side plates $14.99 per 4-pack, and mugs $3.99 each. Gold bead candle ring $5.29. Gold mini trees $9.99 per 4-pack. Gold jeweled tree $22.99. Vanilla candles $6.99 each. All at Canadian Tire,




9 Spread some sparkle
Santa will be dazzled by this fancy velvet sock embellished with chunky silver sequins.  Best of all, it’s roomy enough to hold lots of loot! Chunky sequin stocking $22, West Elm,



holiday-drama.jpg10 Create some drama
Get glam and ring in the New Year in dramatic style with pops of plum, glimmers of gold and a feast of luxurious textures. Glitter starburst ornaments available in gold, black and purple $1.29 each, black feather tree with gold tips $12.99, purple feather wreath $26.99, all at Canadian Tire,


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Design Lesson

10 holiday decorating ideas