Design Lesson

12 ways to revamp a room

12 ways to revamp a room

12 ways to revamp a room Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

12 ways to revamp a room

Once a room has been renovated, chances are the rest of your home’s interior will seem somewhat dated. Here are 12 less-than-extreme makeovers sure to add a fresh new feel.

1 Take a good, long look at the windows
Whether made-to-measure or ready-to-hang, curtains add charm and colour to windows. For a dramatic look, add 20 centimetres to the length and let them fall to the floor.

2 Give in to green
Plants and flowers are an essential part of every successful interior. Aromatic herbs in a kitchen window box will add zest to the room. Insufficient lighting a problem? The new generation of silk plants confounds even the skeptics.

3 Roll out the carpet
The mere presence of a rug can change the mood of a room. For winter months, give some thought to wool, with rich hues and Persian motifs. For spring and summer, opt instead for sisal, sea rush or bright-coloured cotton.

4 Change the frames on wall hangings
Largely because of their frames or mats, some artwork or photographs seem like they’re straight out of the ’60s or ’70s. Lend renewed life to your favourite works by changing the frames in favour of largersized models in darker wood.

5 Light the fire
Why not install an electric fireplace or a decorative mantel in your living room, dining room or bedroom? It’s an easy and original way to create a point of interest without giving up much floor space.

6 Replace the hardware
The easiest way to refresh your kitchen cupboards is to change the hardware. (In the rest of the house, you can change the door handles.) Gold, antique brass or veined brown evoke tradition, whereas steel, stainless steel and nickel make for a more modern look.

7 Pay special attention to the stairs
The oft-neglected stairways can easily be spruced up with a new carpet or wall hangings. Railings can be repainted and lighting can be added to point out the stairway’s best features.

8 Yield to the charms of colour
Don’t be afraid to be bold -- even if you use coloured paint on only one wall. Find inspiration in small accessories. It isn’t necessary to opt for an unusual or stunning tone. A simple dark grey, green, taupe or brown can have just as much of an impact without making you dizzy.

9 Make the most of your lighting
By changing an old pink lampshade for a black or white one, you’ll transform a shopworn lamp in a heartbeat. Other options: fluorescent or halogen fixtures beneath the kitchen cupboards, or fixtures above the wall hangings to showcase your artwork.

10 Bring the garden inside
An aquarium, a fountain, a small Zen garden or a large exotic aviary will inject life into your home...and get your guests talking.

11 Group your treasures
If your collectibles are spread throughout the entire house, instead display them together on shelves, which could fill up an otherwise empty space. Remember that floating wall shelves must blend with the colour of the walls or complement the woodwork.

12 Take up a theme
Be it the tropics, the Victorian period or hotel style, select lamps, cushions, vases and accessories that reflect your favourite theme -- and you don’t have to spend a fortune doing it. Washrooms, guest rooms and hallways lend themselves effectively to this approach.


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Design Lesson

12 ways to revamp a room