Design Lesson

14 things interior designers want to tell you

14 things interior designers want to tell you

14 things interior designers want to tell you Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

14 things interior designers want to tell you

While being an interior designer sounds like a dream job (and many interior designers will tell you they are indeed living their dream), this profession comes with lots of hard-earned knowledge and practical experience that the general public isn’t always aware of.

Like what? spoke to some notable Canadian designers for their thoughts on what they would most like you to know. One thing they reiterated was the importance of trust, and a realistic budget. Read on for their best nuggets of design wisdom they wish clients and even the general public knew.

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1 When gathering design inspiration
One tip would be: when looking on websites for design ideas, make sure that your inspiration photos relate not only aesthetically to what you "like" but also your budget, your specific function and, most importantly, for the flow of your home (not someone else's)! - Tara Fingold, Toronto, Tara Fingold Interiors

2 Plan accordingly
Start planning as early as possible, well before the start of demolition or construction. - Ryan Martin, Toronto, Croma Design & Croma Express Interior Design

3 Trust your interior designer!

Professional interior designers are not only there to help you make colour selections, they are educated and trained to enhance the function and improve the quality of your design project – it doesn't matter if it is big or small. Your interior designer is making decisions and coming up with solutions not just to reach your overall aesthetic goals, but he or she is also taking into consideration product durability, users of the space, function, balance, scale, tactile considerations, safety, etc. - Natalie Fuglestveit, Calgary, Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

4 Communicate
Designers understand how to layer items and elements to achieve a cohesive design plan. Communicate your needs and wants to your designer clearly and trust them to take that information and apply it to the project's design appropriately. - Natalie Fuglestveit, Calgary, Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

5 We are visionaries
Before the walls are up on a new-build or furniture selected on a decor project, we see the finished space and every selection has this in mind. Trusting us to bring this vision to life will yield the best result. - Nyla Free, Calgary, Nyla Free Designs

6 Be realistic with your budget

I always tell my clients at my firm Toronto Interior Design Group that they must have a realistic budget. It doesn’t mean it has to be astronomical, but it is very important to have a realistic one. Design done well is not an inexpensive venture, and will cost some money, that’s just how it is! - Yanic Simard, Toronto, Toronto Interior Design Group

7 And, moreover, be forthcoming with your budget

Prospective clients can be shy with budget information, but the more complete of a picture we have, the more we can tailor our services to suit. - Ryan Martin, Toronto, Croma Design & Croma Express Interior Design

8 Don't force your home to be something it’s not
Design your home to be true to its location and sense of place, and design its spaces to be true to your real life not your fantasy life. In other words, don't design or decorate your home based on pre-conceived ideas or inspiration images that are not relevant to your style of house, geographic location or lifestyle. The results will look contrived and purposeless - the opposite of well designed! - Carol Reed, Toronto and South Shore, Nova Scotia, Carol Reed Interior Design

9 Don’t be afraid to make it meaningful
Within every space there must be a piece, a treasure, something that has personal meaning to the client. Often times, clients feel they may “ruin” their perfectly conceived design with existing objects. As designers, we don’t have the same pre-conceived notions or emotional attachment. One of our favorite things to do for a client is to incorporate these elements that have history or sentimental value in a new, fresh way. A design can be perfectly executed but it is only home when these pieces with special meaning are incorporated. - Reena Sotropa, Calgary, Corea Sotropa Interior Design

10 Be honest with yourself

Your home is the stage on which your life is taking place - why would you want it to look like everyone else's? Be honest about how you live and what's important to you. - Kelly Deck, Vancouver, Kelly Deck Design

11 Let us help filter
There are an overwhelming number of design resource sites available now. Let your designer distill down the ideas for a cohesive project. Rely on your designer to filter out the trends and keep the timeless choices. - Ryan Martin, Toronto, Croma Design & Croma Express Interior Design

12 It’s a process, but it’s worth it

Designers are experts in construction, collaboration and seeing a vision realized. Our work consists of more than paint swatches and fabrics; we can't point, wave and make a beautiful home come to life. It's a laborious, exhausting process to design a massive renovation or new home and there's only one way to design it: one line at a time. - Kelly Deck, Vancouver, Kelly Deck Design

13 Good quality anything is expensive

When you're faced with the question of quantity or quality, the latter is the only intelligent choice. - Kelly Deck, Vancouver, Kelly Deck Design

14 Don’t forget the finishing touches
Save a portion of your renovation budget for finishing. A room won’t feel complete without sufficient furniture, window coverings, artwork and accessories. - Ryan Martin, Toronto, Croma Design & Croma Express Interior Design


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Design Lesson

14 things interior designers want to tell you