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25 decor dos for 2010

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Design Lesson

25 decor dos for 2010

What will be hot this year? That's the question we asked when we canvassed design pros for their top decor dos. And since Canadian decor storeowners depend on accurately forecasting trends months in advance when they place merchandise orders, we asked them for their dos, too. Two attainable emerging themes: Get cosy and go for yellows and grays. Intrigued? Read on for 25 decor dos for 2010.

1 "Do consider grass cloth on walls. There are so many colours and finishes (matte and iridescent) available. Plus, they make a room feel cosy and quieter," says Samantha Pynn, Pure Design host, creative director and Style at Home contributing design editor.

2 "Do mix organic furnishings and accessories like reclaimed wood tables, linen upholstery and drapes with touches of glamour,  curvy furniture, silk pillows, gold or bronzed finished hardware, and anything that sparkles!" says Samantha.

3 "Do find some fun fabrics for toss pillows. Right now, I'm right loving Rubie Green's pink zig zag print!" says Lindsay Stephenson, owner and designer of, a custom-stationery e-tailer.

4 "Do work colour into a room. I feel as though the trend of all white rooms is passing, and I think people are craving colour and vibrancy now more than ever," says Lindsay.

5 Do go for oversize ranges. Style forecaster Trendhunter Magazine has noticed the emerging trend of "hippo" sized ovens, like that made by Brasil's Brastemp. IKEA has also introduced the extra-large range Datid Pro D50 AN in sleek black to North America.

6 "Do add a splash of bright yellow," suggests Heather Draper, principal designer and co-owner of Bespoke Design in Victoria.

7 "Do add some stylish lamps and avoid overhead lighting," says Heather.

8 Do go for the strong graphics we'll be seeing this year, adds Heather, but limit them to one item.
9 "Do go grey. It is a fabulous neutral that works well with every colour," says Tamara Robbins Griffith, public relations specialist, IKEA Canada.

10 "Do opt for rich wood tones with a discernable grain. They bring warmth to any space," Tamara says.

11 "Do resolve to enjoy everyday luxuries. A long, hot soak in the tub, slipping into freshly laundered sheets and appreciating the warmth of indoors on cold nights is a lot to be grateful for," says Kimberley Seldon, designer and Style at Home decorating editor.

12 Do strive for warm and inviting as opposed to perfection, Kimberley says.

13 "When friends come over and compliment you on your lovely home, do say thank you and refrain from telling them everything you'd like to change if only you had more time and money," Kimberley says.

14 "Do reconsider an object you once loved again. Sometimes we tire of the same old vase sitting in the same old spot.  However, if you place it in a new location it may remind you once again of why you loved it in the first place," Kimberley says.

15 "Do think about where it comes from. Today, so many designers are using local craftsmanship. For instance, Nipa Doshi for Moroso; or Artecnica's design with a conscience line, some of which is designed by Tord Boontje; or the IKEA PS Collection wall hangings designed by Hella Jongerius," says Shauna Levy, vice president, Interior Design Show, Explore Design MMPI Canada.
16 Do one small thing that scares you.  Go for "a crazy new wallpaper with a Fornasetti design by Igloo Design or a bedazzled wallpaper by Télio & Cie or a psychedelic wallpaper by Barbara Hulanicki for Graham & Brown," Shauna recommends.
17 Do paint a room in Para's new Eternal Blue P2702-05, the new colour for 2010.
18 Do stay warm with a very cool radiator from Jaga. "It almost becomes a piece of art," Shauna Levy says. Or go with an ethanol-based fireplace by Eco-smart Fire/Company B. Inc., she adds.
19 "Do expand your living space with a ‘podspace' [shed] in your backyard," Shauna says. She suggests creating a den, office or studio. At Toronto's 2010 International Design Show, five designers rethink 100-square-foot sheds as living spaces.

20 "Do cross the line between art and design" Shauna says. "Josephine lights by Jaime Hayon for Metalarte are almost sculptural; a sculptural desk by Castor through Ministry of the Interior all add that limited edition feeling to your space."
21 "Do your kitchen, and stop putting it off! Scavolini's new Mood flat line series is clean and contemporary but not intimidating. And you can still get $1,500 back until the end of February," Shauna says, referring to the Home Renovation Tax Credit.

22 "Do 'think green' in your design choices - for the environment and [literally] for your home. The edgiest green now is a moss green, balanced by whites, grays and shades of purple," says Dawn Bollinger, owner, Peridot Calgary.

23 Do be inspired by the colours of industrial architecture, suggest the folks at paint and wallpaper company Farrow & Ball. "Old and new are combined in an urban palette of muted tones that mimic the earthy shades of natural materials such as stone, clay, chalk and brick," they say. They suggest combining the paint colours of gray-based neutrals such as Cornforth White and Pavilion Gray with intense and inky darks such as Off-Black and Down Pipe.

24 So over neutrals, no matter what the shade? Do explore the colour theme of Urban Decay, identified by Farrow & Ball as bold, graphic and vibrant with an urban edge. They point to its paint shades Pitch Black, Pelt, and zingy Dayroom Yellow and Arsenic as embodying this trend.

25 And if you just feel like kicking back, do watch the stylish 60s-era hit series Mad Men on DVD to get nostalgic for the rich colours and sleek lines of mid-century modern office furniture.


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Design Lesson

25 decor dos for 2010