Design Lesson

25 terrific decorating tips

25 terrific decorating tips

25 terrific decorating tips Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

25 terrific decorating tips

We asked you to let us in on your favourite decorating tricks and you responded with so many great ideas that we just had to share a few. Here we’ve compiled the expertise of our readers into a list of 25 easy tips and tricks that anyone can use to reinvigorate their home.

1 I love the mix and match of copper and steel cookware in this gorgeous kitchen. Some people get hung up on having matching sets, but…cookware can be eclectic while being cohesive with the overall design. -Nicole

2 Don’t be afraid of colour. I think paint does an amazing job at making the room. –Marlene

3 Display what you love; you can never go wrong. –Greer

4 Place fresh fruit or vegetables in a bowl. You can make it classic - citrus in a glass bowl; or complement any decor depending on the bowl you use; and it’s a great way to inject colour in a room. I’ve allergies to most flowers - this beats using fake ones! –Mary

5 I like a fake fur throw somewhere in the living room available to curl up with. I usually have one on the side of the easy chair.  –Lorraine

6 Lots of natural light and an abundance of earthy design materials. –Rodika

7 Make the most of what you have, instead of faking a large, open space, opt to make [a small space] as cosy and inviting as possible. Whether it’s warm colours, soft lighting, or a reading corner (in my case, I chose to showcase my bookshelf and cozy chair), the key is to make your space a place you can’t wait to come home to. –Stephanie

8 I use the rule of threes - when adding colour to a room, it should be repeated at least three times to create unity in the design. That can be original artwork plus throw pillows plus a vase on the mantel, for example. –Emily B

9 I use mirrors to make rooms look larger and brighter. –Colin

10 The easiest decorating tip I can think of is to declutter. Don’t let stuff build up around the house. Put it away! Make sure to have a lot of storage space in your house. When you run out of storage space then it would be time to go through everything and either throw unessesary items out or donate them to a charitable organization. –Trish

11 I have a few tricks, but my favourite is to move the furniture around. The change can make such a difference in a room and yet cost you nothing! –Donna

12 Cleverly mixing old with new. Balance modern kitchen appliances with antique stools or dining table. –Melanie

13 Don’t be afraid to break from the norm. We get so caught up in traditional styles that ingenuity often gets lost and we find ourselves in a slump from one room to the next. –Kyle

14 Candles. They make a room warm and inviting. –Karen

15 My favourite decorating tip is to use vinyl wall decals. They come in all different shapes, sizes, sayings and pictures. They are easily applied to the wall and don’t damage when you are ready for a change. –Cheryl

Use an item in a way other than for its original purpose. It not only extends the life of an object but also adds a dash of the unexpected to any design or decor. Old window frames [can be] transformed into mirrors and picture frames, old-fashioned canning jars store cotton balls & Q-tips, a handmade wooden tool box is now home to salt and pepper shakers at our dining room table… Really the possibilities are endless and often unexpected! –Debbie

17 I go to the thrift store, buy old teapots and fill them with wildflowers. Everyone says, “Wow, that’s beautiful!” –Dianne

18 Switch up the cushions. For summer I like to use crisp linens with button details and for winter rich silks and damasks in earthy or jewel tones. Inexpensive way to spruce up your living room or family room. –Violet

19 Frame gorgeous papers and fabrics … the colour/pattern possibilities are endless! It’s a very simple, inexpensive way to create your own artwork! -Katrina

When shopping for accent pieces I would never get the colour exactly right. I now pick up paint chips and match the item exactly at home - then I just carry the paint chip with me and know that the colour I am trying to get isn’t a ‘best guess’. –Chris

We like to change up our environment with pictures. Just simply 4×6 or 5×7 pictures. We’ll have many frames in the closet and we’ll move them around the house and alternate the pictures with our travels or events in our life. –K.D.

Place fresh cut flowers from your local market on your kitchen table and in unexpected places, like your powder room or even master bathroom. They’re inexpensive, seasonal and will brighten your mood. –Mary T

23 Edit, edit, edit. –Barb

24 I love to bring the outdoors into my home. I will take anything from my yard - herbs, flowers, pine cones, branches and simply display them anywhere depending on the season. –Jess

25 My decorating trick is letting my wife pick out everything because, supposedly, I am colour blind and have the style sense of a 12-year-old. –Mark

Thanks to all our wonderful readers for their great decorating tips!

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Design Lesson

25 terrific decorating tips