Design Lesson

5 fabric trend mood boards

5 fabric trend mood boards

Find inspiration from these stunning mood boards. Author: Daniel Harrison

Design Lesson

5 fabric trend mood boards

Trending fabrics in five stunning mood boards to uplift decor and inspire your next textile experiment.


1 Gilded mineral
Soothing spa tones are the perfect fit for people who want colour without making a big statement. This season, that serene seafoam and linen palette – a perennial favourite – is snazzed up with the sparkle of warm metallics. With some gold embroidery here and a sequined sheer there, we’re ready to sit back, mellow out and be dazzled.

What we love:

  • A melange of warm metallic sequins (bottom right).
  • The unexpected gold threading in the otherwise soft-toned embroidery on the Beacon Hill fabric (left).
  • The subdued seafoam hue of the safety-pinned Robert Allen velvet (top right). Fitting for an accent chair, it’s like a breath of fresh air.



2 Blurred indigo
We’ve gone deep sea diving for the inspiration for this mood board, taking an inky blue as our base and combining it with a blurred print that captures shades of blue and notions of the ocean, from twine to shells to faux bois frames. Dark indigo is the new black and pairs well with almost anything, from vinyls to sheers, so you can take your cue from the sea, land or sky!

What we love: 

  • The subtle chevron pattern and wool-like texture of the Robert Allen fabric (pinned left), which reminds us of a tailored suit.
  • The durable ostrich-embossed vinyl (pinned right) adds a dash of the unexpected on high-traffic pieces like dining chairs and stools.
  • The blurred prints trend elegantly captured in the Calvin Klein textile (top right).



3 Fresh coastal
Ivories and ecrus mingle with watery blues and aquas in a colour palette that’s fresh, breezy and fitting for the sun and sand. But tantalizing texture via velvet, linen, embroidery and appliques takes this mood board from expected to impressive. Durable fabrics mixed with delicate detailing like silk organza petals and embroidered paisley amounts to a vibe that’s a little bit beachy and a little bit city – which is exactly how we want to feel right now.

What we love: 

  • Large embroidered paisley pattern on rustic linen from Telafina (right).
  • The strikingly over-scale Greek key pattern on this linen, which is perfect for drapery (left).
  • Gretchen Bellinger's fluttery petal flourishes in delicate silk organza (top right).



4 Saturated berry
We bid adieu to orangey reds and welcome spectacular berry-kissed shades with blue undertones this season, and we're not looking back. From the modern chintz to the lavish satin to the embroidered abstract, these rich and luxe fabrics exude a boisterous joie de vivre but are made more accesible by the relaxed linen ikat and grounding greys they're paired with. 

What we love: 

  • The modern colouration of this classic chintz by Alessandra Branca for Schumacher (left).
  • Dedar's luxe red silk blend, which is like the inside of a matador's cape. It's perfect for a decadent toss cushion (top right). 
  • An ikat print with an innate ability to make the would-be-fussy fun and casual (bottom top right). 



5 Mixed metal
Any fashionista will tell you that mixed metals are all the rage. “Go ahead and pair your rose gold watch with a silver chain,” she’ll say. “No need to be exclusive.” And we couldn’t agree more when it comes to decor. Pair cool grey fabrics with warm gold ones on a neutral backdrop; add texture and dressmaker embellishments like tapes and trims, and watch the alchemy unfold.

What we love:

  • How a neutral pintucked cotton adds a subtle textured flourish to drapery (left).
  • The glitzy detail of this sequined chain-link trim for bordering toss cushions (right).
  • The luxe marble-like swirl of this rich Rubelli print in understated tones (lower right).



6 Textile glossary
Our favourite fabrics and why we love them. 

Made from the cotton plant, it’s a natural fibre that’s machine washable and perfect for bedding and slipcovers.

A natural fibre from the cocoon of a silkworm, it boasts a smooth hand and beautiful sheen.

This woven fabric is favoured for its soft, plush feel and subtle iridescence.

From the stem of the flax plant, linen has a crinkled texture that’s hard to resist.

A plush and luxurious fabric with an evenly cut pile, velvet adds instant warmth to any room.

A synthetic fabric made from PVC that resembles leather. It’s easy to clean and is ideal for covering dining chairs and bar stools.

From the hair of the angora goat, it offers a luxe look. Its incredible durability makes it a good choice for upholstery.

Faux suede
Looks like the real thing, but with added stain resistance.




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Design Lesson

5 fabric trend mood boards