Design Lesson

Design trend dos and don'ts

Design trend dos and don'ts

Design trend dos and don'ts Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

Design trend dos and don'ts

Each year brings on a slew of new design trends, and while some take off and eventually become classics, others get left behind as fads.

As technology keeps advancing, bloggers are now becoming the driving force behind delivering the newest design trends within minutes of hearing about it themselves. We talked to a few of our fave bloggers to get the scoop on what trends they are glad to leave behind in 2009 and which ones they're excited to see introduced in 2010.

2009 design faux pas'

1 Animal motifs gone wrong

"For us the biggest design faux pas of 2009 happened when we saw that a major newspaper publication (which shall remain nameless!) ran a story about a hot new trend in the world of design and decor. And the trend was -- are you ready for it? -- antique taxidermy," say Joy and Janet, the hilarious writers behind Moggit Girls (a blog devoted to the ugly side of interior design). "It even had a 'cool' new name: 'Antiquarian Chic'. To us, it's still dusty, dead animals on a wall."

2 Using garden stools indoors
Blogger and stylist Lisa Canning tried this trend and found it failed in practicality: "While they are cute and colourful (I went so far as to purchase two for my own home!), I find them too small to be a comfortable seat for guests, and impractical for display. Mine will be finding a home elsewhere (maybe outside beside the tulips?)."

3 Holding back because of a bad economy

Tartanscot blogger and designer Scot Meacham Wood found that 2009 was a year of people holding back on bold, glamourous design (which can be done on a budget!) because of a poor economy. "2009 was a tough year for so many people, but your home is the place where you retreat each evening. So when you’re decorating, be bold! Go big. Be luxurious. Make sure those drapes go all the way to the floor. And little feels sadder than a tiny rug in a big room."

4 Keep Calm and Carry On popping up everywhere you look
"I don't know if I'd go as far as to label them a faux pas -- because I believe in surrounding yourself in the things that make you happy -- but I am tired of wall decals, mass-produced words like Live, Laugh, Love, and framed slogans," says Linda MacDonald, blogger of decorating blog Restyled Home. "Keep Calm and Carry On is a great message, but when you see it popping up everywhere, it begins to sound like a lecture."

5 An abundance of throw cushions

Lisa Breckenridge of Small Space Style isn't too fond of an over-stuffed bed. "One thing that bothers me that we saw a lot of in 2009 is the bed with 100 pillows. I love a good throw pillow as much as the next person, but when it takes 10 minutes to take them off the bed, something's not right!" 


2010's exciting design trends

1 Colour, colour everywhere!
"I am in love with Pantone's colour of the year: turquoise," says Lisa Canning. "I'll be using it in my own home in wallpaper and art pieces -- it's a colour that can provide a fresh and fancy lift when given the right application."

Kelly James of Canadian blog DesignTies is also excited for this year's colour frenzy. "Purple and turquoise are two big colours for 2010, but of course you should use the colours that you like best. If you’re intimidated by colour, start small – a few throw cushions, some accessories, maybe re-cover your dining room chairs. A small investment can have a big, colourful impact."

2 Painted cupboards and doors
"I'm looking forward to the big-time return of painted kitchens," Maria Killam says. "My first consultation was on a brand new espresso brown kitchen -- which the client inherited with the purchase of the house -- and she was so anxious to paint the cupboards white!"

3 Pretty mixed with modern
Blogger Linda Macdonald is looking forward to the resurgence of pretty, girly design. "I'm most excited by the embracing of pretty pieces. I love that they're being married with modern design in a way that makes it less precious, but also showcases how fresh and lovely it is. I like seeing ruffled bedskirts on a bed with clean lines, and delicate chandeliers over an industrial-inspired kitchen island."

4 Glitz and glam
Joy and Janet of Moggit Girls often have differing tastes on decorating, but one thing they both agree on is the continuing popularity of glamourous design."We love that glitz and glam are staying front and centre this year because every room needs a little bit of sparkle!"

5 Simply said: 'personal style'

For Young House Love bloggers, Sherry and John, 2010 is all about making your home a haven that really reflects your personal style."We hope to see people embrace whatever speaks to them so their home truly feels personalized from the moment they walk in the door. Whether you love bold and vibrant colors or serene and subtle hues, as long as your space feels like 'you', then it can't ever be considered a faux pas. Enough of this buy-what's-in-and-toss-it-once-it's-out mentality!"




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Design Lesson

Design trend dos and don'ts