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Home lighting tips

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Design Lesson

Home lighting tips

10 lighting options you'll love
Light up your home with eye-catching light fixtures that get noticed.

Achieve the perfect lighting
Learn how to choose lighting that'll create the perfect atmosphere and ambiance.

Light up your life
Key considerations when creating a lighting plan for your home.

10 great table lamps
Illuminate any space with a fabulous, eye-catching table lamp.

Stunning chandeliers
Design editor Christine Hanlon sheds some light on how to make showstopper chandeliers work in your space.

Stylish ways to illuminate your home
From candles to lanterns, grab your matches and use these decorative accents to light up your night.

Buying guide: Kitchen lighting
Combining ambient lighting with the right supplemental lighting improves your kitchen's function and its look.

Bathroom lighting tips
Learn how to perfectly brighten up your space with these bathroom lighting tips.

Buying guide: Bathroom lighting
Create a serene, spa-like atmosphere with the right bathroom lights in just the right places.

Design lesson: Truly illuminating
Never underestimate the power of effective lighting.

Design solutions: Lighting, flooring and neutrals

Looking for help with a decorating challenge? Need an opinion on paint colours or furniture choices? Ask senior design editor Margot Austin.

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Design Lesson

Home lighting tips