Design Lesson

Kimberley Seldon's Design Lessons

Kimberley Seldon's Design Lessons

Kimberley Seldon's Design Lessons Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

Kimberley Seldon's Design Lessons

Basic tips and ideas

Back to basics
Designer Kimberley Seldon offers tips for decorating your living room like a pro.

Kimberley Seldon's favourite 7 smart pieces
When investing in your home, look to multitasking pieces of furniture to bridge the gap between decorative and functional with ease.

Brush up on your design etiquette
These tips from Kimberley Seldon will make your dream renovations run smoothly.

Balancing the budget with Kimberley Seldon
Put your reno dollars in the right place, PLUS 5 affordable kitchen cabinetry upgrades.

Harmony at home
If you and your partner are considering a renovation, here are Kimberley Seldon's 6 steps to make sure you're on the right path.

Living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom

Kimberley Seldon's fireplace seating tips
Often the focal point of a living room, the fireplace requires a proper seating arrangement to complement its beauty and purpose. 

Dream kitchens
Design guru Kimberley Seldon gives you easy upgrades to create your dream kitchen.

Kids in the kitchen
Designer Kimberley Seldon shares her family-friendly design ideas.

Powder rooms with presence
Kimberley Seldon's tips for making the smallest room in your home appear larger than life.

Bedroom save or splurge
Kimberley Seldon offers her tips on where to splurge and where to save on bedroom decor.

Small space

Small is beautiful
Design diva Kimberley Seldon helps you make less seem like more with simple ideas for designing a small space.

Small space strategies
Kimberley Seldon shares her design principles for maximizing space in your home.

Playing with pattern
Kimberley Seldon explains how to use pattern in a small space without being overwhelmed.

Organizing the mud room
Kimberley Seldon's tips for making a mud room a workable space.


Window coverings to block the sun
Follow Kimberley Seldon's guide on how to protect your home's interior from the sun's rays.

Bring on the sun
Kimberley Seldon's summer decorating tips and advice for maximizing light indoors.

Green living

Decorating with natural materials with Kimberley Seldon
A growing trend toward decorating with natural materials means that nature's bounty is nearly as plentiful indoors as out.

Easy green living
Stylish decor makes green living and being environmentally friendly easy. Check out Kimberley Seldon's eco-friendly decor tips.


Colour confidence
Designer Kimberley Seldon offers advice for choosing the right hues for your home.

Kimberley Seldon's guide to all-white rooms
As diverse as any other colour, embrace hues of white for a clean and modern look in your home decor.

Clue in to paint colour
Design diva Kimberley Seldon simplifies your search for the perfect colour.

Kimberley Seldon's blue mood
Find the shade of blue that suits you and your mood.


Kimberley Seldon's tips for entertaining your senses
Create an entertaining experience sure to please all the senses.

Easy greetings
For the next holiday season, aim to be the happy hostess, not the perfect one, with Kimberley Seldon's tips.

Outside the home

Fabulous flea markets
Learn how to master the tricks of the flea market trade from Kimberley Seldon.

Garden retreats
Kimberley Seldon asks: what would you do with an additional 100 square feet of living space?

Outdoor rooms
Extend the season as long as possible by incorporating these great ideas from Kimberley Seldon into your garden room.



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Design Lesson

Kimberley Seldon's Design Lessons