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Look of the week: Pattern

Look of the week: Pattern

Look of the week: Pattern Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

Look of the week: Pattern

Decorating with pattern is a quick and easy way to add interest to a room. Solid colours jump to life when paired with patterns, whether they’re bold or subtle. A solid sofa can be invigorated just through the simple (and inexpensive) addition of patterned pillows. A dinner table can really pop with plates that are printed rather than plain.

“Pattern adds life and vigor to a room,” says designer Lisa Canning. “When incorporating more than one pattern in a space, ensure that you vary the scale of patterns that you place next to each other to keep the look modern.”

Here are 10 pretty patterned products you might want to consider adding to your home!

Parlour Bold Chair
The daring pattern of this bright, bold chair is designed by the creative geniuses of DwellStudio and the result is a unique piece that’s utterly unforgettable. Marrying a simply designed chair with an edgy fabric makes this chair delightfully unexpected.
Available at:
Price: $899
Marimekko Unikko Red and White Pillow

Bold and colourful, this poppy print is sure to add cheer. This particular pattern, designed back in 1964, has since become one of Marimekko’s most iconic.
Available at: Crate & Barrel
Price: $109.95 dwell-bedding.jpg
Gate Ash Duvet Set

Some patterns can be too busy but this simple design has a quiet sophistication that makes it perfect for the bedroom. Not too busy or overwhelming, this patterned duvet set will bring a sense of calm to the bedroom.
Available at:
Price: $280 salad-plates.jpg
Talavera Melamine Salad Plates, Set of 4

Inspired by authentic Mexican designs, these pieces look individually hand painted. Made from unbreakable melamine, these colourful plates will liven up any dinner table.
Available at: Pottery Barn
Price: $31.71 allegra-hicks-oliver-chair.jpg
Allegra Hicks Oliver Chair

Pattern doesn’t have to be bold and in your face. This subtle print will add a soft touch of interest to any room.
Available at: West Elm
Price: $515.01 chevron-print.jpg
Chevron Print

Chevrons have been totally on trend lately and what easier way to incorporate this look into your home than by hanging prints of this fun graphic pattern? When the trend passes, simply switch out the prints. But until then, enjoy this fun injection of colour into your home.
Available at: craftedbylindy on
Price: $6

Embroidered Stems Pillow – Turmeric
Inspired by nature and boasting the colour of a high noon sun, this pillow features a beautifully embroidered design. Toss on the sofa for effortless style or use in the bedroom to add a bit of luxury to your bed.
Available at:
Price: $39.50

Chrysanthemum Stencil

If you’re not afraid of commitment, these stencils will add pattern in small or large doses, depending on your preference. This chrysanthemum design is lovely though there are 60 other patterns to choose from. Once you tire of the look, you can easily paint over it.
Available at: oliveleafstencils on
Price: $34.95

Damask Votive

One package contains 15 printed votive candleholders. Place in clusters around the house for the most dramatic impact. (But be careful never to leave candles unattended!)
Available at: damaskdiva on
Price: $9 benzy-cushions-ikea.jpg
Benzy Cushion

Add some nautical inspiration to your decor. Subtle in colour but striking in design, these pillows are a unique choice that we think will really float your boat!
Available at: IKEA
Price: $14.99


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Design Lesson

Look of the week: Pattern