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Look of the week: Retro

Look of the week: Retro

Look of the week: Retro Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

Look of the week: Retro

For anyone who feels nostalgic about an era long past, you don't have to say goodbye forever. Incorporating retro-inspired decor items into your home will help you keep a forgotten time period alive. "Using vintage pieces is a great way to inject a retro vibe into your home," says Lisa Canning, designer, Lisa Canning Interiors. "Shop second hand stores for truly unique light fixtures, dishware and accessories straight from your preferred time period."

Lisa suggests choosing a few pieces as focal points in your home, so the entire look doesn't feel too cluttered or dated. "A colour palette is a great place to start to inject a retro vibe. Pick colours typical of your retro time period for paint, fabrics and accessories. Keep the look modern with a balance of old and new pieces."

Northstar Stove

Add an authentically retro look to your kitchen with this stove that harkens back to an era gone by. Available in nine different colours, this stove will be a real conversation piece in your home.
Available at:
Price: Prices vary; see website for details
Grand Phone

Well, isn't this a blast from the past? In today's high-tech digital world, it's easy to forget that there was ever a time when phones like these were du jour! This classic design combines with modern functionality (flash, redial and push buttons) and will add a veritably vintage aesthetic to your home.
Available at: Pottery Barn
Price: $78.62 – $105.26 bowls.jpg
Modernist Bowls

Inspired by the popular motifs of the 1950s, these retro-inspired bowls are charming and still au courant in today's modern kitchen. The playful prints are so pretty, you won't want to hide these porcelain bowls behind closed cupboard doors. Keep them on display and add a pop of colour to your kitchen table.
Available at: West Elm
Price: $8.33 ford-clock.jpg
Ford Pickup Truck Hubcap Clock

It doesn't get more retro than this! This clock is made from a vintage (1961-1966) Ford truck hubcap. Nicks, scratches and other small imperfections add to the perfectly authentic feeling of this piece.
Available at: StarlingInk on
Price: $39.99 fridge.jpg
Northstar Fridge

This soft buttercup yellow fridge is delightfully retro but can look right at home in a contemporary kitchen. The soft colour is reminiscent of a typical 1950s kitchen but inside, it's got modern amenities including adjustable shelving and door bins, dual temperature controls, optional ice maker, left-hand hinge and Draft Beer System.
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Price: Prices vary; see website for details

Enamel Fondue Pot Set

While the origin of fondue dates back centuries, it didn't really catch on in North America until the 1960s. While it may have fallen out of fashion again, there's no reason not to revive it in your own home. A fondue dinner is a great way to bring friends together and a fun way to entertain.
Available at: alittleVintageShop at
Price: $14 vintage-clawfoot-tub.jpg
Vintage Clawfoot Soaking Tub

This beautiful tub is a reproduction of a 19-century bathtub and features lovely detailing, including its claw-and-ball bracket feet and solid brass fittings. With a 54-gallon capacity, this tub offers the depth and room for a comfortable and luxurious bath. You'll never want to get out!
Available at: Restoration Hardware
Price: $4,375 retro-cushions.jpg
Thomas Paul Retro Media Pillow Covers

Your kids might not remember vinyl records but we know you do! These uniquely printed pillow covers, designed by textile designer Thomas Paul are a fun reminder of a time before iPods and MP3 players. The covers can be monogrammed for an extra special touch.
Available at: Pottery Barn
Price: $39.96 vintage-posters.jpg
Vintage Posters

With positive messages to give you a boost when you're feeling down, these lovely vintage-inspired posters will not only look great in your home but they'll make you feel great, too! Created by Montreal-based artist Eva Juliet, these prints also make a great gift.
Available at: evajuliet on
Price: $79 trash-bin.jpg
SimpleHuman Retro Trash Can

The domed lid and flared handles of this trash can give it a retro appeal but its brushed stainless steel finish gives it a completely modern look.
Available at: Williams-Sonoma
Price: $99.95


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Design Lesson

Look of the week: Retro