Design Lesson

Mother's Day design secrets

Mother's Day design secrets

Mother's Day design secrets Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

Mother's Day design secrets

In honour of mothers on their special day, we asked design people what decorating secrets they learned from Mom.

Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson Design
"It's hard for me to pinpoint exactly what I learned from my mom -- I feel the entire foundation of my design approach stems from her vision. She taught me to appreciate quality in interior design and furnishings. She made our home beautiful, chic and inspiring while juggling both a full-time career and being a single mother."

Margot Austin
Style at Home senior design editor
"I learned about fabrics and sewing from my mom. When I was little, I loved going to the fabric store with her -- it was a world of imagination and creativity. She taught me to appreciate high-quality, natural fibres like silks, wools and fine cotton. Now working with fabrics is one of my favourite parts of decorating."

Justin Ryan
Colin & Justin's Home Heist
"My mum taught me never to buy what I don't need: a bargain is only a bargain if it's something important. I also learned all about colour selection and furniture arranging from my very artistic mum, and I firmly believe that had this wonderful woman been any less interested in our family home as I grew up, I might not be where I am today."

Colin McAllister
Colin & Justin's Home Heist
"Growing up with my mum was all about Sunday afternoons spent watching classic black-and-white movies, evenings having dinner with Elvis playing in the background, and all the time in between spent dancing and laughing. Home for me is fun, escapist and exciting -- all things I learned from my mother -- elements that my partner, Justin, and I now include in all our designs."


Timothy Mather
TM Design
"My mother taught me that it's important to develop personal style; buy the best quality you can afford; mix family pieces, antiques and comfortable upholstered furniture; and never rope off areas or grant access for special occasions only -- eat in the dining room. I learned to respect our home and everything within it, including my mother!"

Karl Lohnes

Style at Home contributing style editor
"My mom used to rearrange the furniture a lot -- it's surprising how furnishings can look completely new when viewed from a different angle. She also taught me that every window looks empty and cold unless softened by a window treatment."

Samantha Pynn

Host, HGTV's Pure Design
"When I was little, my mother was a major fashion plate -- she was glammed up even when cleaning house. From her, I learned to dress and decorate with the intent to be gorgeous, having no fear of colour. Although, much to the chagrin of my mother, my current uniform is a black top and jeans. I love colour, but I can be quite restrained with it, in fashion and decor."

Brett Walther
Style at Home style news editor
"When I was seven, my mom allowed me to choose the wallpaper in my bedroom. Her only caveat: 'Remember you have to live with the choice you make.' How I wished, 10 years later, as a teenager surrounded by cartoon bicyclists in an eye-popping array of splashy '80s primary colours, that I'd heeded her words. It shaped my aesthetic and minimalist tendencies."



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Design Lesson

Mother's Day design secrets