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Stunning chandeliers

Stunning chandeliers

Stunning chandeliers Author: Style At Home

Design Lesson

Stunning chandeliers

Photography by Eric Roth
Perfect proportions The diameter of a chandelier hanging over a dining table should be about one-half to two-thirds that of the table or 1' less than the width of the table at its widest point. Install the fixture to hang no more than 30" from the tabletop to its base.


chandeliers-hallway.jpg Photography by Merrell Publishing

Inviting entryway Create a warm welcome by hanging a chandelier in the foyer. Be sure to install it at least 7' from the floor for clearance. In a soaring two-storey foyer, the fixture shouldn't hang below the second floor.


Photography by Merrell Publishing

Island inspiration
Don't limit yourself to the old standby of mounting three small pendants over a kitchen island. Try using a single chandelier and hanging it a bit higher for a take-notice focal point.


chandeliers-eatingspace.jpg Photography by Phillip Ennis

Quirky lighting If contemporary models aren't suited to your style, consider giving a vintage piece a mod makeover. With a few easy updates, retro-fab finds like a faux bamboo fixture can become the crowning touch for a classic space.


Photography by Patrick Cline

What to look for Form is more important than finish, so look beyond tacky yellow brass plate for classic faux bamboo chandeliers and elaborately detailed wrought iron. Seek out fixtures that are nicely scaled in relation to where they'll be installed.


Photography by David Fenton

How to update a chandelier Spray-paint an old fixture white or black, or try a striking character colour like acid yellow or candy apple red. And even though it may look like it's in good shape, vintage wiring often doesn't meet good safety standards. Avoid potential hazards by getting fixtures professionally rewired.



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Design Lesson

Stunning chandeliers