7 Clever Ways To Hide Your TV

7 Clever Ways To Hide Your TV

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7 Clever Ways To Hide Your TV

Whether you love to watch TV or not, no one wants to see it all the time.

A modern flatscreen often clashes with a warm and cozy living room. It draws a lot of attention, even when it's turned off. Instead of making the TV the focal point of your space, why not try incorporating it into your design plans?

If you want to go for a more cohesive look at home, try hiding your TV (or softening its appearance) with one of these clever ideas.

1. Frame it


One of our favourite ways to hide your TV screen is by framing it. You may think it makes the TV stand out more, but really it turns it into a work of art and adds personality to your home.

2. Sliding doors


Whether you do it yourself as a bold DIY project or hire a carpenter for the job, installing sliding doors on the shelving unit where your TV stands is a clever way to hide it when you're not using it.

3. Build it into wall


If you love the idea of a large screen for family movie nights but you find the size of it daunting, try recessing your TV into the wall. This way, it'll take up less space.

4. Paint the wall behind it a dark colour


Painting the wall behind your TV a dark grey or navy will make it stand out less than if it's placed on a light-coloured surface.

5. Integrate it into a gallery wall



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You can surround your TV screen with art and decor to distract the attention away from it.

6. Turn your furniture away


If all your furniture points in the direction of the TV, it will inevitably become the main focal point of your room. Turn your chairs and sofas away from it to divert attention.

7. Invest in a smart TV

A smart TV is a great option for an immersive movie experience, and it can turn into artwork when you're not watching it. Tune into Gallery Mode to showcase beautiful images.

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7 Clever Ways To Hide Your TV