8 stylish rugs to update your decor

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8 stylish rugs to update your decor

Although hardwood has long been a favourite of homeowners, a stylish area rug can give a room an immediate makeover. Whether you're looking to make a dramatic statement or a slight update, it's as easy as looking under your feet. These 8 rugs are beautiful works of art as well as functional pieces that can warm up a room (and your feet!).
1 Traditional and stylish
Update the look of your home décor with a rug in a contemporary colour combination like this one in a rich blue and brown. Although the design is more traditional, the modern colours instantly update the look of a room. Made with 100% wool, this beautiful rug will keep your feet warm in the winter. $108 US and up, Velocity Art and Design. Bright-buds-550.jpg
2 Modern floral
Designed by multi-faceted designer Amy Butler, this eye-catching rug is her depiction of flower buds flowing in a field. Handmade from 100% wool, this luxurious rug is certainly a stunning conversation piece. $108 US and up, Burke Décor. Fiore-rug-550.jpg
3 Bold and brilliant
This rug is definitely a statement piece that demands attention. The luscious red petals literally pop out, providing a plush surface for your feet. Made from 100% wool, it's perfect for a dining room or cold bedroom floor. $298-$698 US, Chiasso. Acorn-rug-550.jpg
4 Ultra modern masterpiece
Beautifully designed, the acorn floor mat is a work of art. This ultra-modern rug, depicting two large acorns, is woven in jacquard and makes quite a statement. $320-$550 US, Velocity Art and Design. Millerd-rug-550.jpg
5 Pretty petals

This hand-knotted wool rug brings to mind pretty flower petals. The delicate nature of this gorgeous rug makes it perfect for a feminine retreat. $599-$1899 US, Horchow (Call to order).

6 Timeless elegance

Classic and elegant, this handmade wool rug is plush and velvety to the touch. The timeless style of this gorgeous rug is ideal for dad's office or den. From $199, Pottery Barn.

7 Updated damask
Traditional damask is updated in this beautiful and multi-coloured area rug. The exaggerated design and multi-coloured pattern make this rug a gorgeous work of art. $399-$2299 US, Crate & Barrel. Floating-medallions-rug-550.jpg
8 Dainty and delightful
This is a pretty rug that works just as well in a contemporary setting as it does in a traditional one. The dainty medallions and the light and airy feel of the rug gives off a feminine touch. $129-$599 US, Horchow (Call to order).


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8 stylish rugs to update your decor