Festive fall porch ideas to welcome autumn

Festive fall porch ideas to welcome autumn

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Festive fall porch ideas to welcome autumn

It's time to embrace all that is fall! Use these cozy porch ideas to inspire your outdoor decorating.

Show off your love for fall with a creative entryway to your home—whether you choose to embrace the autumnal colours or go full Halloween, these decorating ideas will help guide the way.

1. Witches live here

Add a little spooky to your front door! Hang dollar store witch hats from clear wire or string for easy and inexpensive DIY decor. 


2. Fall harvest central

Make your home feel like a pumpkin patch with all different colours of pumpkins and gourds. Add in hay bales and dried corn stalks for even more of a farm effect.


3. Cozy for the win

We all want to be this pup! Plaid pieces and warm blankets make for a festive—and useful—front porch.


4. Keep it neutral

If all the colours of autumn aren't your style, choose a neutral colour like cream or light green to decorate with. You can easily find pumpkins, flowers, and wreaths in these palettes.


5. This is Halloween

Deck out your deck with tons of plastic carved pumpkins. Use wire and zip ties to attach them together and to your porch. Bonus points if you add ghosts and skeletons too!


6. Batty for good decor

If you want a nod to Halloween without standing on your porch becoming a trip to Halloweentown, add bat cutouts and stickers to your entryway along with a few colourful pumpkins.


7. For the porch-less home

Don't have a big porch to decorate? Try adding a bucket filled with hay to the bottom of your stairway or at the end of your path. Paint plastic pumpkins your favourite colour and stack them up for everyone to see!



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Festive fall porch ideas to welcome autumn