25 appetizer recipes for your holiday party

25 appetizer recipes for your holiday party

25 appetizer recipes for your holiday party Author: Style At Home


25 appetizer recipes for your holiday party

Start planning your holiday party now with our list of 25 awesome appetizer recipes. From savoury and sweet to warm and crispy, there's something for every taste. These mouthwatering little bites will have your guests coming back for more - and more! 
1 Crispy bacon wrapped stuffed dates

This classic Spanish appetizer is sweet, smoky, salty and best served warm.

2 Traditional Swiss raclette

A delicious Swiss dish, raclette can also be served as an appetizer.

3 Piccolo Caprese picks

This fresh and delicious Italian salad goes mini on a pick!

4 Sweet roasted pepper tartlets

Spicy eggplant and sweet peppers combine with creamy ricotta to make an awesome appetizer.

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5 Vietnamese shrimp pops
Fire up the grill for these simply scrumptious shrimp skewers.

6 Seafood crostini

This seafood appetizer recipe is easy to assemble in a pinch .

7 Fresh crab and avocado dip with crispy tortillas

This appetizer recipe is simple yet elegant and makes an easy appetizer when you're serving unexpected guests.

8 Crostini with gulf shrimp jalapeno and lime

These sweet-tasting Gulf shrimp are cooked to perfection in a citrus-and-spice-infused bath.

9 Shrimp skewers with herb sauce

A zesty herb marinade makes this appetizer a delicious addition to your menu.

10 Shrimp with sweet and sour sauce

The gentle balance of sweet and sour in this dish will keep your guests dipping .

11 Cajun crab cakes

A mild and delicious hint of heat is what makes these crunchy crab cakes delish.

12 Step-by-step sushi

Break the ice at your next party - get your guests rolling their own sushi!

13 Smoked salmon pizza with marinated onion

Substitute hot smoked salmon or trout for smoked salmon in this easy appetizer recipe.

14 Cheddar prosciutto spirals
This appetizer recipe is an easy update to a classic ham and cheese pairing.

15 Teriyaki green onion chicken skewers

Use your favourite teriyaki marinade for this simple appetizer.

16 Orange ginger wings

These Asian-inspired sweet and sour wings are perfect for a casual get together.

17 Curried chicken salad cups

Phyllo pastry gives these appetizers the perfect crunch against the soft and delicious filling.

18 Mini quiches Lorraine

These adorable little quiches are delicious and easy to make.

19 Three easy, elegant appetizer recipes

Three wonderfully easy and elegant appetizers you can put together in a pinch!

20 Asparagus frittata bites

This yummy appetizer recipe can be assembled in under 5 minutes.

21 Pistachio and chive goat cheese on puff pastry wafers

For this appetizer recipe, the fresher the ingredients, the more delicious the outcome.

22 Curry vegetable triangles
These samosa-inspired appetizers are spicy and sweetened with mango chutney.

23 Spinach and red pepper pinwheels

This delicious cold appetizer recipe will satisfy vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

24 Olive, pepper and asiago pinwheels

Use frozen puff pastry to make these yummy appetizers for unexpected guests.

25 Spinach, ricotta and dill pies

These delicious pies can be made ahead and frozen for easy entertaining later. 

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25 appetizer recipes for your holiday party