25 Halloween ideas

25 Halloween ideas

25 Halloween ideas Author: Style At Home


25 Halloween ideas

1 I'Scream cake
This Halloween cake, reminiscent of The Scream painting by Edvard Munch, is perfect for a ghoulish get together.

2 Friendly ghost meringue cookies
These meringue cookies are filled with dates and nuts and spiced with Grand Marnier.

3 10 stylish Halloween accessories
Check out these 10 Halloween ideas that will certainly scare up your home without sacrificing style.

4 Dressing up your home for Halloween
Tips and tricks to get your home Halloween ready in style.

5 Creepy crawly cupcakes
Make creepy monsters, ghosts and more out of your cupcakes with this recipe.

6 Jack-o-lantern cake
This cute, kid-friendly cake looks like a pumpkin but is actually a chocolate chip cake...yum!

7 Chocolate coffin cake
Spook your guests with this delicious and delectable ice cream cake.

8 Creepy Halloween cookies
This collection of Halloween cookies will scare the pants off your guests!

9 Spiderweb sugar cookies
These cookies are easy to make and decorate. Enlist the help of the kids for this one!

10 Crispy marshmallow ghosts
These delicious ghosts will be a hit at any Halloween party.

11 Goblin popcorn balls
These yummy Halloween treats are perfect for kids of all ages!

12 Great pumpkin cookies
These soft, pumpkin-spiced cookies are shaped like adorable little pumpkins picked right from the patch.

13 Pumpkin cheese ball
Perfect for crackers or veggies. This pumpkin-shaped cheese ball is made with cream cheese and a hint of horseradish for heat.

14 Gummi worm shooters
Your guests will scream for more of these vodka-laced shooters. For a non-alcoholic version, just replace the vodka with more juice.

15 Shrunken head punch
Shrunken heads floating in this delicious punch will certainly maximize the fear factor at your Halloween party.

16 Curly hotdog snakes
Perfect for party snacking, these hotdog snakes are cute and delicious.

17 Screaming red punch
A floating hand in this delicious punch keeps it cold while adding a ghastly garnish to your Halloween table.

18 Green slime spinach dip
This ghoulish green dip is a satisfying snack for your Halloween party guests.

19 Creepy Halloween cocktails
This collection of Halloween drinks are deliciously terrifying.


20 Halloween invitations
Learn how to make your own spooky Halloween invitations with this step-by-step guide.

21 Creating a stylish Halloween home

Create a stylish home with these easy Halloween ideas for your décor.

22 Stylish Halloween decorating
These chic Halloween ideas will bring the spirit of the season to your home with style.

23 7 spooktacularly chic Halloween decorating ideas
These Halloween ideas will inspire you to decorate with style.

24 Vintage Halloween cards
This Halloween idea is a simple DIY project with a retro feel.

25 Carve the perfect pumpkin
Just follow these tips for carving a pumpkin that's perfect for your Halloween home.



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25 Halloween ideas