Plan a dessert party

Plan a dessert party

Plan a dessert party Author: Style At Home


Plan a dessert party

Get the goods on throwing a fabulous dessert party, from making your own invitations and drinks to setting a pretty tabletop.


Who Your close friends or family
When After dinnertime, so guests can stop by for a sweet treat, or on a Sunday afternoon for some midday delights
Where Your own home, in a room that can easily be rearranged
Why It’s fun, easy and satisfies everyone’s sweet tooth. Perfect for birthdays, holiday entertaining -- even a small wedding reception!
How Use cake stands, serving platters, napkins, plates and a tablecloth in a space with enough seating for guests. How to pull it together in time? Check out our party planner!

Party planner
3 weeks before
- pick date and time, make guest list
- determine budget, choose colour scheme and theme
- prepare invitations and send
- hire any help required

2 weeks before
- plan menu, once you know food allergies, and order any desserts
- decide on tableware and linens

1 week before

- review RSVP list
- create music playlist

1-3 days before
- buy groceries and liquor
- make sure you have
- clean-up supplies
- prepare make-ahead food
- tidy and set up the room(s)

Day of
- buy and arrange flowers
- finish last-minute cooking
- pick up ordered food

Cosy nightcaps
These classic after-dinner drinks are wonderful dessert companions.

Spanish coffee

- 1/2 oz Tia Maria (coffee liqueur)
- 1/2 oz rum
- brewed coffee
- whipped cream

Combine liqueur and rum. Add hot coffee to taste. Garnish with whipped cream.

Makes 1 serving


Blueberry tea

- 1 oz amaretto (almond flavoured
- 1 oz Grand Marnier (orange flavoured
- steeped orange pekoe tea

Combine liqueurs. Add hot
tea to taste.

Makes 1 serving


Set the tone of your intimate gathering by sending guests a theme-appropriate invite.

dessert-party-invites.jpg Budget-friendly invitations
Letterpress and professionally printed invitations may not be in everyone’s budget. Use one of these cost-saving ideas for your next party.

Personal touch If you have nice handwriting, buy readymade invitations or monogrammed stationery cards and write on them (prepare a rough draft on a scrap piece of paper before writing the real thing).

Cut coloured card stock to a size of your choice and write or print text on the paper. Using a craft punch, punch shapes in a sheet of contrasting coloured paper, then glue shapes along the edge of the invite to create a border. Embellish with ready-made scrapbook stickers.

Computer generated
Go digital! The HP Activity Centre (hp.ca/create) lets you choose from a variety of free templates and add photos to the invitations. Microsoft Office Online (office.microsoft.com/templates) has dozens of free downloadable templates, too.

Web mail/e-vites
Save on paper and postage by sending invites for casual events via e-mail. Evite (evite.com) allows users to customize stationery and include a map. Guests can also sign up to bring food items.



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Plan a dessert party