The ultimate Hollywood-style party

The ultimate Hollywood-style party

The ultimate Hollywood-style party Author: Style At Home


The ultimate Hollywood-style party

Oscar season is such a vibrant time in Hollywood. What better way to celebrate one of Tinseltown’s most glamourous events than by gathering fellow movie and celebrity buffs to watch the show unfold?

Hosting a Hollywood-style party is all about glitz and glamour. By simply mirroring decor and atmosphere and including authentic elements such as music from a movie soundtrack or Californian cuisine, setting the tone for the evening can be easy and effortless.
Here are 10 Oscar-worthy tips on hosting a Hollywood-style party that’s sure to be the talk of the town:

1 Lights, camera, action
Use themed invitations such as a film reel box with the invite inside or a movie clapboard with the invitation printed on it to set the stage for the party.  Pressed for time? E-mail invites are practical and there are many invitation websites available that offer creative design templates.

2 Pre-awards ballot
A week before the awards show, mail or e-mail your guests a ballot sheet and have them choose their winning pick from a list of award categories. A little competition can be a fun way to get your guests involved and excited for the big night!

3 Winning decor
Choose elegant colours such as silver, white and gold for an evening of casual glamour. Use silver napkins with white ceramic plates and use gold glass charms to mark everyone’s glasses.

4 Name cards
If you’re hosting a large party, direct guests to their tables by making or purchasing name cards. Be sure to tie in the colours of your decor. Name cards are a classy, stylish way to add to the posh atmosphere of the evening.

5 Red carpet inspirations
Your table is the focal point of the room, so make it glitzy by using a red carpet-inspired table runner. That extra little touch can create an air of authenticity.
6 Snap the moment
As your guests arrive, snap pictures of their attire and do quick one-minute interviews to see "who they’re wearing." After downloading the images, you can run the loop on a computer slideshow and show off all their Oscar-inspired outfits throughout the night.

7 Set the mood with music
Play the soundtracks of some of the nominated films to help create the ambiance. A.R. Rahman's unique mix of Bollywood with hip-hop from the nominated film Slumdog Millionaire is a great choice!

8 Dine like the stars
Channel the L.A. vibe with a California-inspired menu. Consider pairing delectable bite-sized recipes such as California Ripe Olive Skewers or Wild Rice, Grapes and Blue Cheese Stuffed Port Poached Pears with Californian wines for a truly authentic menu. Check out some California-inspired recipes.

9 And the award goes to …
Add an extra level of pizzazz and host an awards ceremony for your guests by recognizing the night's best dressed, best impressions and celebrity look-alikes. Award guests with faux Oscars and encourage them to make acceptance speeches during the commercial breaks.

10 Take-home treats
Send your guests home with a little treat to wrap up the party. A small bottle of any California-grown wine is a nice option.


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The ultimate Hollywood-style party