Ultimate summer entertaining guide

Ultimate summer entertaining guide

Ultimate summer entertaining guide Author: Style At Home


Ultimate summer entertaining guide

summer-entertain-guide-drinks.jpgRefreshing summer drinks

1 Watermelon cooler
Make this slushy drink to cool down on a hot summer day.

2 Blackberry smash
This refreshing summer cocktail combines mint, blackberries and whiskey to give it a cool kick.

3 Kiwi kiss
Lemon and the tart freshness of kiwi fruit come together in this refreshingly crisp cocktail.

4 Blush punch
This non-alcoholic summer drink combines pink lemonade and cranberry juice to give it a refreshing taste.


summer-entertain-guide-food.jpgCool summer desserts

5 Pink grapefruit granita
The tart taste of pink grapefruit makes this yummy granita treat a cool way to relax in the summer sun.

6 Coffee and cookie ice cream
Combine coffee ice cream with cookie bits and you've got a sinfully delicious summer treat.

7 Coconut granita
Serve this icy treat at your next outdoor party to keep guests cool in the summer heat.

8 Quinoa pudding with strawberries and pistachios
A delicious pudding with macerated strawberries and chopped pistachios that can be enjoyed as a sweet summer dessert.


summer-entertain-guide-party.jpgSummer party planner

9 Fabulous outdoor parties
Turn your fabulous outdoor summer party into the soiree of the season that everyone's talking about!

10 Summer entertaining: 8 trends

From summer food to drinks to decor, find out what’s hot this season.

11 Perfect patio party
These 10 essentials will make your next patio party a memorable event.

12 Essential summer party planner

From setting the mood to inexpensive decorating ideas, our essential summer party planner will have you throwing your doors open for guests time and time again!


summer-entertain-guide-outdoor.jpgOutdoor entertaining tips

13 Add style to outdor entertaining
A little bit of flair and creativity can go a long way toward creating a stylish setting for outdoor entertaining.

14 Outdoor entertaining with The Designer Guys
Create a welcoming outdoor haven and entertain your guests in style with these fab summer entertaining tips from the Designer Guys.

15 Entertaining at home: Simply summer
Summer's here and the living is easy. These easy entertaining tips will get you and your patio ready for company in no time!

16 Mario Batali's grilling tips
Iron Chef Mario Batali shares his top 4 summer grilling techniques from his new book, Italian Grill.

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Ultimate summer entertaining guide