High or Low

High/low: Bold rustic entryway

High/low: Bold rustic entryway

Bold entryway. Author: Michael Nangreaves

High or Low

High/low: Bold rustic entryway

A splash of tangerine juices up this rustic entryway, designed on both a from-concentrate and a freshly squeezed budget.

Which is high and which is low?

Can you tell the difference? april14-highlow-HIGH.jpg


Low: $1,536



High: $4,774


Bold front door
The front door is your interior style's calling card to passersby - strolling through a neighbourhood, we all crane our necks to take in a beautiful house exterior. Every colour can set a different expectation for what's behind it, so whichever one you choose, consider it your home's best foot forward.

Left door paint colour: Vista marine 10BG 39/244, CIL.
Right door paint colour: Behr Wet Coral 190B-6, The Home Depot.

Storage baskets
1 Irain polyester Classic White umbrella, Raindrops, $25.
2 Woven seagrass basket, Love the Design, $54.
3 Metal egg basket, Love the Design, $45.
4 Woven wicker basket, HomeSense, $20.
5 Woven felt basket, West Elm, $39.
6 Woven wicker basket, HomeSense, $15 each.
7 Galvanized metal gym, Love the Design, $45 each.
8 Woven basket, HomeSense, $13.

Captain's mirror
Captain's mirrors continue to ride the wave of design popularity and are regularly spotted in some of the most stylish homes. The mirror may remind us of a ship's porthole to the sea, but it's not just for the nautical style - sleek and simple, its thin leather frame exudes luxury, and suspended from a single knob this traditionally heavy item appears almost weightless. It looks great as a stand-alone or in a series, so it's easy to see why the captain's mirror has become many a decorator's first mate.

Gubi small circular Italian leather Adnet in Tan with knob, Hollace Cluny, $815. 

What's that saying -- if it ain't broke don't fix it? There's a reason kndergartners store their stuff in classroom cubbies. Easy-to-reach and exposed storage effortlessly keeps kids organized so they can grab what they need on the go. We raised the style quotient here, with small, sleek white wall cubes customized with wire for mail and hooks for keys. We may not be five anymore, but we still want hallway organization to be easy. Wall cubes in White, Bouclair Home, $30 per pack. 


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High or Low

High/low: Bold rustic entryway