High or Low

High/low: Elegant at-home bar

High/low: Elegant at-home bar

High/low: Elegant at-home bar Author: Style At Home

High or Low

High/low: Elegant at-home bar

 High or low?
Can you tell the difference?
High $8,619

  • FABRIC Marimekko cotton/linen Kattila 190 fabric in black and white. The Finnish Place, $57.
  • FABRIC Marimekko cotton Metsanvaki 160 fabric. The Finnish Place, $52.
  • CHAIR Børge Mogensen beechwood J49 chair in black. Mjölk, $395.
  • DECANTER Crystal decanter with Sterling Rim. Cynthia Findlay Antiques, $395.
  • BAR TRAY Stainless steel shiny bar tray. CB2, $35.
  • WHISKY GLASSES Crystal dorset double old-fashioned whisky glasses. Williams-Sonoma, $116 ($29 each).
  • PLATES & BOWLS  Vera Wang for Wedgwood Naturals Graphite plates and bowls. William Ashley China, $262 ($65.50 per 4-piece place setting).
  • PENDANT LIGHT Seltzer pendant light. EQ3, $150.
  • PITCHER St. James silver-plated oval pitcher. William Ashley China, $382.
  • BOWL Metal black and gold bowl. Elte, $145.
  • WHISKY GLASSES Crystal old-fashioned whisky glasses. Cynthia Findlay Antiques, $275 (per set of 3).
  • SIDEBOARD Walnut veneer Annex sideboard. Stylegarage, $1,750
  • RUG Vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain rug, 6' x 12'. Elte, $4,605.
Low $2,227

  • FABRIC Cotton Julita fabric in black and white. IKEA, $5 per metre.
  • FABRIC Cotton Saralisa fabric. IKEA, $8 per metre.
  • CHAIR Beechwood Salt chair in black. Design Within Reach, $97 US.
  • DECANTER Glass Library decanter. Pottery Barn, $64.
  • TRAY Groggy tray. IKEA, $15.
  • WHISKY GLASSES Designer double old-fashioned whisky glasses. HomeSense, $40 (per set of 4).
  • PLATES & BOWLS Camden Stone plates and bowls. Crate and Barrel, $120 (per 16-piece set)
  • PENDANT LIGHT IKEA PS 2012 LED Pendant light. IKEA, $119.
  • WATER PITCHER Stainless steel shiny water pitcher. CB2, $35.
  • BOWL Angenäm bowl. IKEA, $20.
  • WHISKY GLASSES Glass Frasera whisky glasses. IKEA, $8 ($4 each).
  • SIDEBOARD Walnut veneer Saga sideboard. CB2, $699.
  • RUG Wool Beni Ourain rug, 8' x 10'. Pottery Barn, $1,039.
DIY decor: Fabric shapes

  • Fun fabrics
  • Sharp scissors
  • Embroidery rings in multiple sizes

1 Cut circles of fabric at least 2" wider than your embroidery ring.

Set the fabric, face down, atop the larger circle of your embroidery ring.

Carefully set the smaller circle of the embroidery ring on top of the larger (with fabric); centre and push down to tighten and secure fabric.

Pull the edges of the fabric on all sides until the framed area is smooth and taut.

Tighten the screw on the side of the embroidery ring to secure.

Trim any excess fabric and hang the embroidery ring on the wall. high-low-athomebar-lights.jpg
High-low meter: Pendant lights

Use a simple black pendant light to highlight your stylish at-home bar area. The lower it hangs, the more specific your spotlight is, so your guests know exactly where to source their next sip of scotch.

HIGHEST Skygarden S1 in black. Lightform, $2,750.
HIGH Muuto Unfold. Design Within Reach , $189 US.
LOW Seltzer. EQ3, $150.

Crystal decanters

Whether or not you believe in its powers of healing or potential to predict the future, one thing about crystal is certainly clear: It carries the decorative skill to elevate any room. And the crystal (or crystal look) of these decanters boasts the ability to boost any mood... particularly when filled with spirits.

HIGHEST Crystal with Sterling Rim. Cynthia Findlay Antiques, $395.
Atlantis crystal. Cynthia Findlay Antiques, $165.
LOW Atlantis crystal Soprano. William Ashley China, $135.
Glass Library. Pottery Barn, $64.

Siver-plated pitchers
Silver-plated pitchers carry an air of prestige and build a pretty antique-look patina with age while stainless steel ones are often more affordable and won’t tarnish or rust. So if you’re in the market for a new pitcher, do some product research and choose a style that suits you.

1 Stainless steel shiny. CB2, $35.
2 St. James silver-plated oval. William Ashley China, $382.
3 Silver-plated . Cynthia Findlay Antiques, $125.


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High or Low

High/low: Elegant at-home bar