High or Low

High/low: Glamorous living room

High/low: Glamorous living room

High/low: Glamorous living room Author: Style At Home

High or Low

High/low: Glamorous living room

LOW $6,326
Century SOFA in Coal, $1,799, Shelter. Round white lacquered END TABLE, $239, Decorium. Saxon COFFEE TABLE, $399, Bowring. CABINET, $600, HomeSense. Viscose Lines RUG in White, 8' x 10', $1,995, Reznick Carpets. Stella THROW in White, $59, Urban Barn. Yellow-dot Usmani TOSS CUSHION, 18.5" x 18.5", $79, Jali Designs. Thom Filicia Prospect TOSS CUSHION in Grey/Gold, 20" x 20", $135, Cooper Grey. Shagreen BOX in Natural, $19 (small), West Elm. Glass Transitional TABLE LAMP with taupe cylinder shade, $210, stainless steel DECORATIVE BALLS, 3", $3 each, Union Lighting & Furnishings. Stoneware BOWL, $75 (large), Elte. Electroplated-ceramic Spherical BOWL, $22, ready-to-wear linen Venice Pleat Top DRAPERY PANEL in White, $190 per panel, InVu Drapery Co. CUSTOM FRAMING, $239 each, Pi Fine Art. glam-livingroom-hugh.jpg
HIGH $15,787
Lincoln Hill SOFA in Triad Charcoal, $4,495, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams round Lawson END TABLE, $695, Elte. Collector’s Classics Grace COFFEE TABLE, $949, Ethan Allen. Leah Low CABINET in Limed Oak, $2,245, Ebb Tide RUG in White, 8' x 10', $3,248, Cocoon. Mohair THROW in Cream, $295, Sawyer Earthtone TOSS CUSHION, 20" x 20", $345, Elte. Madeline Weinrib Mu TOSS CUSHION in Saffron, 18" x 18", $637, Y & Co. Shagreen BOX, $125, Ribbehege & Azevedo. Mercury glass TABLE LAMP with taupe shade, $600, Art Shoppe. Silver ceramic DECORATIVE BALLS, 4", $7 each, Union Lighting & Furnishings. Silver Marsh Mini DECORATIVE BALLS, 2", $9 each, Calvin Klein ceramic Verso BOWL, $275 (large), silver-plated BOWL, $75, Elte. Double-width Erin DRAPERY PANEL with Perfect Pleat, $660 per panel, Faab Home Fashions. CUSTOM FRAMING, $525 each, Pi Fine Art. glam-livingroom-sofas.jpg
Feel like a person of leisure, whatever your budget, on one of these sleek sofas. Their modern, thin track arms are juxtaposed with traditional tufting, so you can recline in style and reflect upon life’s great issues: style, fashion, culture and what to order for lunch.

1 HIGH, $4,495
Lincoln Hill in Triad Charcoal with two rows of tufting, toss cushions included, Elte.

2 MEDIUM, $2,150
Gus Modern Spender in Urban Tweed Ink with two rows of tufting, Stylegarage.

3 LOW, $1,899
Petrie in Camden Graphite with two rows of tufting, Crate and Barrel.

4 LOWEST, $1,799
Century in Coal with one row of tufting, Sheltar. glam-livingroom-cushions.jpg
Plush love
The easiest way to infuse your room - blank slate or not - with new colour? Toss cushions of different patterns in the same colourway. (Note the resist-dye ikat print of both cushions that unifies the look.)

(1) HIGH (clockwise from top)
Basketwetweave in Natural, 22" x 22", $95, Sawyer Earthtone, 20" x 20", $345, Elte; Madeline Weinrib Mu in Saffron, 18" x 18", $637, Y & Co.

(2) LOW
Ritva cover in White, 20" x 20", $9, Fjädrar insert, $6, IKEA; Thom Filicia Prospect in Grey/Gold, 20" x 20", $135, Cooper Grey; yellow-dot Usmani, 18.5" x 18.5", $79, Jali Designs. glam-livingroom-bowls.jpg
Bowled over
We're nuts for the dazzling interplay of the matte-finish exterior and glossy interior of the organically chic bowls. Fill them up or just let them shine - literally! - on their own.

1 HIGH (top), $275 (large)
Calvin Klein ceramic Verso, Elte.

2 LOW, $75 (large)
Stoneware, Elte. glam-livingroom-cabinets.jpg
Mirror, mirror
Don't just hang them on your walls! Whether on tabletops, cabinets or accessory displays, reflective surfaces catch the sun and throw its rays around the room, amplifying its - and your - natural glow.

HIGH (top), $2,245
Leah Low in Limed Oak with adjustable shelves and pulls, Cocoon.

LOW, $600
Wood veneer with touch-latch doors, HomeSense. glam-livingroom-frames.jpg
Glamour shots
What aspiring fashionista didn't decorate her pre- teen bedroom with pages from beauty magazines? Thankfully, Conde Nast (who publishes so many of our favourite media mainstays, from Vanity Fair to Vogue) has finally made it appropriate for us adults to do so, too!

HIGH (left), $525
The diva is in the details. Simple white frames get gussied up with a touch of glitz in their edging. The HIGH option is double-framed with a striated white lacquered outer frame and a textured pewter-coloured inner frame, and features a half-inch-thick archival mat.

LOW (right), $239
Though still elegant, the LOW option features less: a plain white lacquered frame with a silver accent insert and a quarter-inch-thick standard mat, demonstrating that a little goes a long way when it comes to what glitters.

Model in Yellow Mohair print shot by George Barkentin for Mademoiselle's August 1964 issue, Conde Nast. Custom framing by Pi Fine Art.


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High or Low

High/low: Glamorous living room