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15 Low-Maintenance Plants to Brighten Your New Home

15 low-maintenance plants to brighten your new home

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15 Low-Maintenance Plants to Brighten Your New Home


Whether you want to brighten your new home or simply add some life to your décor, the benefits of sprucing up your space with houseplants are more than skin deep. Not only does greenery improve air quality, curb noise pollution, reduce dust, and help regulate temperature and moisture, it also helps you relax while also improving your creativity and concentration. Believe it or not, houseplants do all this and more!

Don’t have a green thumb? Well, you don’t have to be a seasoned gardener to enjoy everything houseplants have to offer. Many are actually quite easy to take care of. Here are 15 of the best houseplants for novices!


15 low-maintenance houseplants

The houseplants on our list can survive without much water or care, as long as you find a spot for them in your home where they can get the sunlight they need to grow. All you have to do is pick your favourite plants, learn how to measure the amount of sunlight, and visit your favourite houseplant shop!


Aloe vera


Credit: Instagram @cactus.fleuri

This succulent, which can survive with minimal sunlight and needs only occasional watering, is a perfect addition to your home with its well-known medicinal anti-inflammatory benefits.

Sunlight Exposure: Shaded light.
Ideal Location: Windowsill.




Credit: Instagram @kyotofleurs

This succulent can easily go two to three weeks without water, making it an excellent choice for absent-minded plant parents. Pro tip: Make sure the soil is dry before watering it.

Sunlight Exposure: Shaded light.
Ideal Location: Windowsill (or why not use it as a centrepiece for your patio table in the summer?).




Credit: Instagram @bromeliabotanica

This houseplant flowers, which adds a nice pop of colour to your décor. Interestingly, this plant only flowers once, but for a period of three to six months!

Sunlight Exposure: High light, not in direct sunlight.
Ideal Location: Bathroom, near a window.




Credit: Facebook Folia Design

This Liliaceae plant is very robust and virtually indestructible. In Victorian England, it was even known as the “cast-iron plant” because it was the only one that could survive in a dark, poorly ventilated room. This plant needs less water in the cold months than it does in the warm season.

Sunlight Exposure: Low light.
Ideal Location: Bedroom or another darker room in your home.





This plant, found in southern U.S. and Central America, has one drawback: it needs a lot of sunlight. When watered occasionally it can grow to be three metres tall, adding a tropical touch to any large room.

Sunlight Exposure: Full sun.
Ideal Location: Your brightest room or on your patio in the summer.




Credit: Instagram @plantzy

Rather not get your hands dirty? Then this rootless plant that can survive soil-free is perfect for you. Just bathe it in water for a few minutes, once a week.

Sunlight Exposure: High light, but not in direct sunlight.
Ideal Location: Bathroom.


Spider plant


Credit: Facebook Floralies Jouvence

The spider plant stands out for its many narrow, linear leaves that are easy to propagate. This fast-growing plant will quickly fill up a space and add some greenery to your shelves or furniture. It can survive in a dark room but does better with sunlight.

Sunlight Exposure: High to medium light.
Ideal Location: Close to a window or in your bathroom.




Credit: Instagram @missboonboutiquevegetale

Always forgetting to water your plants? Then the cactus is for you! Although they do need a bit of water to survive, they won’t wither away if you forget about them.

Sunlight Exposure: As much sunlight as possible.
Ideal Location: Near a south- or west-facing window.




Credit: Instagram @mariion.lau

With its thick, heavily marbled silver (or sometimes even pink-tinged) leaves, this low-maintenance plant makes a beautiful addition to any moderately bright room. The best part about the aglaonema? It can stay in the same pot for over 10 years!

Sunlight Exposure: Medium to low light.
Ideal Location: Anywhere in the house, away from a window.




Credit: Instagram @kyotofleurs

This wide-leafed tropical plant is very popular among intermediate gardeners for its impressive size, which adds a lot of charm to any room. Although it is relatively easy to take care of, you will need a good drainage system to avoid stagnant water.

Sunlight Exposure: Shaded light (Avoid direct sunlight).
Ideal Location: Living room or bedroom near a west-facing window.


Ficus elastica


Credit: Instagram

Originally from India, the ficus elastica is also known as the “rubber plant.” It can grow up to three metres tall, making it a perfect showpiece in a large room. This plant must be watered when the soil is dry, about once a week.

Sunlight Exposure: Shaded light.
Ideal Location: West-facing room.




Credit: Instagram @lewis_martel

Also known as the jade plant, the crassula is a succulent that only needs to be watered once every three weeks. All it needs is a tall, narrow pot to grow. Quick tip: If you overwater this plant, its leaves will turn yellow.

Sunlight Exposure: Full sun to medium light.
Ideal Location: Anywhere in the house!




Credit: Instagram @plantzy

With its elegant and unique foliage, this top seller is not only striking, it’s also one of the easiest houseplants to take care of because it adapts well to the climate of our homes. Just water it once or twice a month and it’ll thrive!

Sunlight Exposure: Very high light, even direct sunlight.
Ideal Location: Near a south-facing window for maximum sunlight.




Credit: Instagram @melboiv

This popular plant is often thought to be immortal. Its long stems can be used as beautiful garlands for your furniture or walls. Plus, the cuttings are super easy to propagate!

Sunlight Exposure: High light, not in direct sunlight.
Ideal Location: High-humidity areas like a bathroom, close to a window. You can even put it in a shady corner of your patio for short spells in summer to make it extra happy!




Credit: Instagram @vertuosemontreal

Commonly known as the “snake plant” or the “mother-in-law’s tongue,” the sansevieria is very low maintenance. In fact, the only secret to keeping it alive is not overwatering it!

Sunlight Exposure: High light, not in direct sunlight.
Ideal Location: Brightest and warmest room in your home.


Watch out for poisonous plants!

If you have curious children or pets at home, it is important to choose your houseplants carefully because some of the most popular ones are poisonous to humans and pets. Others can also trigger respiratory and contact allergies. To find out which plants to avoid if you have children, visit Naître et grandir (in French only). Keep your pets safe by checking the list of poisonous plants for dogs and cats on the Mondou website.


Protect your new home!

Taking care of your plants also means taking care of their environment—your home! Whether you’re a homeowner, condo owner, or tenant, taking out home insurance is the best way to protect your home. Planning a move? It’s the perfect time to review your current contract and shop around.

Looking for home insurance that’s tailored to you, priced right, and lets you focus on what really matters (like taking care of your beautiful plants!)? That’s exactly what you get with Promutuel Insurance. Get an online quote now! Happy gardening!


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15 Low-Maintenance Plants to Brighten Your New Home