Tabletop Ideas

10 fabulous fall centrepieces

10 fabulous fall centrepieces

10 fabulous fall centrepieces Author: Style At Home

Tabletop Ideas

10 fabulous fall centrepieces

Get the conversation started around the dinner table this Thanksgiving with our 10 fabulous fall centrepieces.  We found 10 stylish tabletop accessories that are sure to please any palate. So whether your style is traditional or contemporary, we’ve found something for you!


The more the merrier candelabra
Add instant glam to your table with this ultra-modern candelabra. It has seven arms that can be configured in an infinite number of ways or extended across your table by using more than one set. $165, A+R Store.

Glass display candleholders
Set a casual yet stylish table with these glass display candleholders. Go for a nature walk and display some of your fall finds at the bottom of these candleholders, made of recycled glass. $24, Pottery Barn.

Blacksmith handled wooden bowl
Fill this rustic serving bowl with autumn’s harvest to set your table for a dinner to remember. The bird sitting atop one of the handles adds a playful touch. $49, Pottery Barn.    

Wood tray

This modern, Asian-inspired wood tray is handcrafted in terra cotta and laminated with banana bark veneer. Lined up with candles or decorative fall accessories, this centrepiece is a simple yet elegant showstopper. $59.95, Crate & Barrel.

Driftwood candleholder
Bring the outdoors to your table with this driftwood candleholder made in Greece. Surround it with fall leaves, gourds or other natural fall treasures for an inviting and comfy dinner table. $8, Olive-branch-menorah-550.jpg
Olive branch menorah

Have an elegant dinner with your loved ones with this olive branch menorah gracing your table. There are nine candleholders beautifully placed among the olive branches. $210, Williams-Sonoma.

Leaf bowls
These leaf bowls are perfectly playful and stylish without being too kitschy. Surround the bowls with some candles for a relaxing dinner at home. $6 each, West Elm.

Espresso root bowls
These handcarved bowls are perfect for your fall table. Choose a colour scheme and fill them with fruits or veggies for a monochromatic look and a burst of colour. $49-$95, Viva Terra.

Gingko leaf candleholder
Stylish and practical, this centrepiece is a perfect addition to your fall table. Light the three pillar candles for a warm and inviting dinner experience with your loved ones. $99.95, Crate & Barrel.

Addison candleholders
These beautifully sculptured glass candleholders are the perfect addition to your fall tabletop. Group similar sizes together for a more traditional look or choose an array of different sizes for some flair. $14-$69, Pottery Barn.


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Tabletop Ideas

10 fabulous fall centrepieces