Tabletop Ideas

5 essentials for a stunning Thanksgiving tablescape

5 essentials for a stunning Thanksgiving tablescape

Photography by Maya Visnyei

Tabletop Ideas

5 essentials for a stunning Thanksgiving tablescape

The top essentials for your chicest Turkey Day yet!

It is not just enough to lay the table with the good china on Thanksgiving. Oh no! One must create a “tablescape”...which is really just a Pinterest-y way of jazzing things up with some thoughtfully considered pieces that are both pretty and practical. Here are our Thanksgiving table essentials. We hope you’ll just, uh, gobble them right up! 

Essential #1: Name cards

Whether by necessity (let’s NOT reignite the family feud this year) or just to make things feel a bit more formal, creating a seating plan for Thanksgiving dinner is just smart hosting.


Modern place name tile, $4.43,  

OUR PICK: These customizable marble hexagons do triple duty: They’re a name marker, a napkin-holder-downer AND a sweet souvenir for your guests. 

Essential #2: Chargers

We love pairing the simplicity of a white tablecloth with a statement charger. It lets the rest of your decor sing, and helps to define each table setting without needing a fussy placemat.

Wood Slice Charger, $24,  

OUR PICK: The woodsy feel of these chargers delivers a natural touch, especially if you go high/low and pair it with heirloom china or crystal glassware.

Essential #3: Carving knife

It’s time for the main event: Turkey! Take the nerves out of this very important moment by ensuring you have only the finest implements to hand. They’re worth investing in for many a Thanksgiving Day to come.


2-Piece Carving Set, $80 USD,

OUR PICK: Japanese knives are the gold standard, and you can’t go wrong with this set by top-of-their-field Shun. But for a budget-friendly option, go for the 2-Piece Carving Set from Williams-Sonoma. Like the pricey Japanese set, they're finished with chic wooden handles.

Essential #4: A serving platter

After you’ve done the carving, all that delicious bird needs to go somewhere. Enter a show-stopping serving platter (or two).


Michael Aram oval platter, $227.16,

OUR PICK: Going literal and getting a transfer printed turkey option is fun, but for something a little more elegant, we love this brass-accented stainless stunner. The wheat-detailing is just the right kind of subtle nod to the harvest season. 

Essential #5: Candles

The simplest way to take your tablescape from simple to stunning is with a whimsical floral accent. Scatter little buds down the table or create one large bouquet for the centre, and voila: a chic look that doesn't require fussy DIYs or pricey season accents you'll only use once a year.

OUR PICK: Choose blooms in muted hues — like dusty rose, sage and burnt orange — for an elegant look. 



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Tabletop Ideas

5 essentials for a stunning Thanksgiving tablescape