Tabletop Ideas

8 ways to brighten up your dining table

8 ways to brighten up your dining table

8 ways to brighten up your dining table Author: Style At Home

Tabletop Ideas

8 ways to brighten up your dining table

Changing your table decor is an easy and inexpensive way to give your living space a quick makeover. Whether it's changing vases, getting a new array of fresh flowers or finding visually interesting pieces to showcase, decorating your dining room space will create a cosy place for gatherings. Here are 8 decorating ideas to make it happen in no time.

Photography by Edward Pond

Bursting with colour
Colourful flowers are the ideal way to celebrate the warmer months and bring the outdoors in. For a simple centerpiece, place a myriad of eye-catching flowers in a vase. Choose flowers with different heights and shapes for a spontaneous and rustic look.  


Table-Setting-Fruit.jpgPhotography by Monic Richard

Fresh fruit
Adorn your table with a mound of fresh fruit in a pretty bowl. Change the fruit for a new, fresh pop of colour.

Table-Setting-Transparent-Vases.jpgPhotography by Sue Stubbs

Mix and match
Mix and match transparent vases in different sizes and shapes for an eclectic look. Simply place your favourite flowers in the vases and use them as centerpieces for your dining area.

Table-Setting-hydrangea.jpg Photography by Virginia MacDonald


For an elegant feel, try filling a vase with white flowers only. A few hydrangeas nicely arranged in a rounded vase will make any table look chic and sophisticated.

Table-Setting-Individual.jpgPhotography by Edward Pond

For easy entertaining, try decorating each of your guests' plates individually. Place mini baskets filled with freshly picked flowers at the center of each plate and give one to each of your guests to take home as a gift.

Table-Setting-Plants.jpgPhotography by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines

A green touch

Add a few rustic pebbles to the bottom of a vase and nestle some fresh grass stems in between them. Two or three of these decoration pieces will warm up your dining table's look in a flash.

Table-Setting-Faux-Flowers.jpgPhotography by Ryan Brook


No matter how beautiful we want our homes to look, we don't always have time to pick up a fresh flower bouquet. For those times, invest in a few faux-flowers stems to brighten up your dining table. Stacked high in a transparent vase they will look like the real thing.

Photography by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines

Vintage feel
In the summertime, nothing beats having dinner outdoors and enjoying the warm temperatures. Try adding a vintage piece like this lantern to your outside dining table to create a cozy and intimate setting. 


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Tabletop Ideas

8 ways to brighten up your dining table