Tabletop Ideas

Stylish table settings

Stylish table settings

Stylish table settings Author: Style At Home

Tabletop Ideas

Stylish table settings

Setting a stylish table

How to: Set a stunning table in 10 minutes flat
Entertaining expert Sebastien Centner shares his tips for setting a gorgeous table when you're short on time.

Mother's Day lunch tabletop
Create a Mother's Day tabletop your mom won't soon forget with fresh flowers and feminine tableware.

Casual brunch tabletop ideas
A laid-back and relaxed brunch party is easy when you have these tabletop items at the ready.

Classic elegant tabletop
Dress your table with simple elegance that will wow your guests.

7 pretty tabletop ideas
See how 1 set of china translates into 7 stunning table settings.

Thanksgiving tabletop ideas
Dress your Thanksgiving table to impress this holiday season.

Set a lovely lunch table
Brighten up your table with a few peppy perks. Bright, colourful accents are the perfect way to brighten up clean white dinnerware.

The return of heirloom silverware
Take your vintage silverware out of hiding, polish them up and use them as vibrant accents when setting the table.

How-to video: Napkin folding
Dress your table to impress with these easy and creative ideas for folding your napkins.

How to: Set a stylish table
Learn how to set a stylish table with helpful hints from the pros. Your guests are sure to be impressed.
The art of tablesetting
Choose from traditional or contemporary table settings.

Tablesetting with Rosanna Bowles
Check out the dos and don'ts of tabletop with designer Rosanna Bowles.

Tabletop styling secrets
American interior designer Charlotte Moss dishes on how to achieve stunning table settings.

Slideshow: Fashion alfresco
These tabletops are dressed to impress in seven summery styles that will whet your appetite for dining outdoors.

5 festive tabletops
We asked STYLE AT HOME contributors for their favourite fuss-free decorating ideas.

Buffet style
Make your next group gathering one to remember with easy tips for organizing a beautiful buffet.

Add style to outdoor entertaining

A little bit of flair and creativity can go a long way toward creating stylish table settings for outdoor entertaining.

Holiday entertaining: Tips from the pros

The experts share their thoughts on festive tabletops and hit gifts for hosts.

How to: Set the table
Learn how to create stunning dinner table settings by perfecting the basics.

How-to video: Setting the table
No time? No problem! Setting an impressive dinner table for guests can be faster and easier than you think! Entertaining expert Sebastien Centner shows you how.

Table setting accessories

10 table settings under $10
10 stylish ways to dress your table - all for under $10.

10 fabulous fall centrepieces
Fall entertaining is easy when you start with the right centrepiece.

8 tabletop classics
There 8 terrific tabletop classics will make your dining table look
extraordinary every day.

White tabletop accessories
These 7 classic white tabletop items will ensure your entertaining style never looks dated.

8 Easter tabletop items
Create a celebratory Easter tabletop with these 8 seasonal tablesetting ideas.

10 tabletop trees
A tabletop tree is the perfect choice when you're short on space and time.

5 ways to fold napkins
Step-by-step instructions for napkins that'll dress up your table.

Project: Slate table mats

Give your table a new, crisp image with these stylish accessories.

Project: Beaded napkin ring
These quick and easy napkin rings make a wonderful addition to many table settings.

Project: Sheer prettiness
Find inspiration in these coordinated looks for your tabletop.

Candy wreath napkin rings
Napkin rings add a finished note to table settings, and it's fun to make your own to reflect the season's spirit.

Project: Ladybug placemat
This embroidered ladybug placemat adds a fresh and playful touch to your table settings.

Creative place card ideas
Impress guests at your next dinner party with these 6 fab place card ideas.

Project: Bamboo placemats

The natural wood texture of these mats lend exotic simplicity to light lunches and brunches.

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Tabletop Ideas

Stylish table settings