Tabletop Ideas

Thanksgiving tabletop ideas

Thanksgiving tabletop ideas

Thanksgiving tabletop ideas Author: Style At Home

Tabletop Ideas

Thanksgiving tabletop ideas

Holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends over good food and even better conversation. So, whether you're hosting a large party or having an intimate evening, we've got 10 terrific Thanksgiving tabletop ideas that will get you in the mood to eat and entertain.


1 Gravy boat with saucer

This Thanksgiving, serve gravy, reductions, dressings and cranberries in a simple yet stylish white, ceramic gravy boat. An elegant accompaniment to any table setting, this gravy boat comes with a handy saucer to catch drips. $13 US, Crate & Barrel.


2 Wine set

Toast the festive season using a five-piece wine set that includes a handblown decanter and four large glasses. The decanter will properly aerate the finest wines while the soda glass goblets can hold either red, white or rosé. $25 US,


3 Ceramic and iron stand

Create a fine festive display with an antique-inspired curved iron stand. The hand-painted stoneware recalls 18th-century European ceramics giving your Thanksgiving tabletop a terrific traditional touch. $49 US, Pottery Barn.


4 Seaglass dinnerware

Uniquely shaped translucent plates made of recycled glass will help you to set a beautiful Thanksgiving table. Rich, golden hues combine with an undulating shape to evoke the image of sunset over the ocean. $119-$189 US,


5 Autumn berry rings

A set of vibrant, fall-inspired napkin rings are sure to add a little rustic charm to your holiday table. Made of grapevines and faux berries, these rings are perfect for casual, country-style get-togethers. $10 US, Stylishstems on


6 Golden fig vase

Give your Thanksgiving tabletop a golden touch with these gold glazed porcelain vases. Shaped to resemble figs, this set of three small vases are the perfect place to display the season's colourful foliage. $73 US,


7 Embroidered table runner

A classic harvest-themed table runner with a rich watercolour effect will help you celebrate the season. Florals and texture make this embroidered runner just the thing you'll need to set a fantastic fall table. $116.29, Pottery Barn.


8 Salt & pepper patridges

Vintage salt and pepper shakers are a beautiful way to add a unique touch to your Thanksgiving tabletop. These highly detailed metal patridges will fit right in with your festive decor. $25 US, sarahminhui on


9 Round bamboo placemat

Keep your Thanksgiving tabletop safe from hot dishes by using a pretty bamboo placemat as a trivet. The linked floral pattern is made of renewable bamboo so not only is it a delightful decor item but it's eco-friendly too! $10 US, West Elm.


10 Ruffled pie dish

Thanksgiving dinner means plenty of pie for dessert! Serve up a classic pumpkin or apple pie in this spectacular scalloped-edged dish. Williams Sonoma , $44 US.

Now that the table is set, it's ready for a delicious feast! Find everything you need with our tasty Thanksgiving recipes.


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Tabletop Ideas

Thanksgiving tabletop ideas