Tabletop Ideas

White tabletop accessories

White tabletop accessories

White tabletop accessories Author: Style At Home

Tabletop Ideas

White tabletop accessories

Everyone knows that white never goes out of style, so why should your tabletop? Investing in classic white tableware and accessories is a must for the avid entertainer, so we've gathered 7 great white tabletop accessories to get you started.


1 White ceramic jar

A white ceramic jar is one of the most multifunctional pieces you can buy for your tabletop -- it can hold flowers, cutlery, sugar, milk, etc. This handmade jar from Vancouver-based Heyday Design is the perfect addition to any Canadian tabletop. With a vintage vibe and a glaze that makes it safe to hold liquids, this is a piece that was built to last. $85, Heyday Design.


2 White cake stand
Whether you bake your own goodies or prefer to go the store-bought route, your treats will look much more stylish placed on a classic white cake stand. The Emma stand from Pottery Barn adds a pretty detail with the scalloped trim and raised beading on the edges. $38 US, Pottery Barn.


3 White soup tureen

Since soup comes in all shades and colours, you'll want to have a neutral tureen to complement any kind you serve up. This footed tureen from Crate and Barrel is the perfect porcelain vessel for your soups and stews, and is microwave- and dishwasher-safe. $40 US, Crate and Barrel.


white-tabletop-tablecloth.jpg 4 White linen tablecloth
Nothing says ' classic tabletop' like a white linen tablecloth. To make yours stand out from the rest, opt for one with a hemstitch like this one from Pottery Barn. No matter what the occasion, simply bringing out the linen tablecloth will take your tabletop from ordinary to sophisticated. $109 US, Pottery Barn.


white-tabletop-placeholders.jpg 5 White place cards
Gone are the days when place cards were only used for formal events -- jazz up any gathering at your place with these pretty lace cards from Crate and Barrel. Try using them at your next dinner party or cocktail gathering, or as food name cards for a buffet setting. $10 US per set of 8, Crate and Barrel.


6 White lacquer tray

A tray is a must-have for any entertaining situation where you are carrying items to and from the dining table. This white lacquer tray from West Elm can be used to hold items on the table, or with a butler stand to sit beside the table. Any way you do it, the result is always stylishly chic. $47 US (tray) and $149 US (stand), West Elm.


7 White table runner

A subtle hit of pattern never hurt anyone! This quilted cotton table runner from Williams-Sonoma is the perfect way to add some texture to a neutral tabletop -- plus, we love the French Country style it evokes. $65 US, Williams-Sonoma.



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Tabletop Ideas

White tabletop accessories