Your Interior Design Style, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your Interior Design Style, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Your Interior Design Style, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered what the stars have to say about your ideal design style?

Are you outdoorsy or a homebody? Do you prefer minimalist interiors or artful chaos? If we believe celestial bodies, every zodiac sign has different personality traits attributed to it. In order to create an ideal and comfortable haven for yourself, why not decorate your home according to your best traits?

Here are the interior design styles that best represent each zodiac sign:

Aries: Modern eclectic


Aries are bold and daring—you aren't afraid of taking risks and staying ahead of the game. A modern eclectic design allows you to show off your personality while still having an open, airy space.

Taurus: Traditional


Taurus is known for loving comfort and luxury more than other signs. A traditional home is perfect for this sign. Think: rich fabrics, such as velvet, and a cozy fireplace.

Gemini: Maximalism


Known for being eclectic and artistic, Geminis would thrive in a maximalist environment. Don't be afraid to fill your space with your favourite books and trinkets, which will make for great conversation starters with your guests.

Cancer: Boho


Cancers are sensitive and love a cozy environment where they can feel safe and nurture. A bohemian home is perfect for this summer water sign. It's like sitting on a warm sand beach surrounded by dainty pastels, but in the comfort of your home.

Leo: Art Deco


The fun and loud Leo will thrive in art deco. Leos love to stand out, and the jewel tones and rich fabrics of this design era are perfect for this sign with fiery energy.

Virgo: Mid-Century Modern


Calculated and organized, Virgos are perfectly suited for the mid-century modern style. It's clean, functional and just luxurious enough to represent their personalities.

Libra: Grandmillennial


Harmonious and elegant, Libras enjoy balance in all areas of their lives. A beautiful grand-millennial house will allow your creativity to thrive, since it's the perfect balance between vintage and modern.

Scorpio: Industrial


Brooding and mysterious Scorpios. should look to industrial design. The darker hues represent the hidden depths of your personality while the functional, low-maintenance decor will allow you time to think (and plot).

Sagittarius: Rustic


Sagittarians are adventurous and driven by nature, which is what makes a rustic design your go-to. Born during the coziest time of the year, the wood accents make your home perfect for fun get-togethers.

Capricorn: Minimalism


Capricorns value tradition and functionality above all else. Therefore, a minimalist design would work well for you. A clean, simple home allows a Capricorn to think clearly and thrive in all their endeavours.

Aquarius: Brutalism


Aquarians are eccentric, tech-savvy and unconventional just like brutalism. Misunderstood by most, a brutalist home will be a safe haven for every Aquarian that thinks outside the box.

Pisces: Danish Pastels


Known for being calm, spiritual and dreamy, a Pisces will thrive in a Danish pastels-inspired environment. A home that represents their colourful and unconventional mind? Awesome!





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Your Interior Design Style, According To Your Zodiac Sign