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Baking essentials every at-home baker needs

Baking essentials every at-home baker needs

Baking essentials every at-home baker needs Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Baking essentials every at-home baker needs

Do you love to bake but find that your kitchen is lacking a few utensils to make it feel like less of a chore? Or would you like to start baking more often at home? In addition to the standard baking tools like mixing bowls and muffin tins, which many of us already have in our cupboards, there are a few more items you may want to consider having on hand to help make the process run smoother. Having the right items will make baking a more enjoyable experience. Here’s what we recommend:
1 Kitchen stand for tablets
Put your tablet to use even when you’re baking. Store delicious dessert recipes and read them while you bake or watch videos for step-by-step instructions. Baking will seem a lot easier when you have your favourite recipes right at your fingertips. This handy stand will allow you to prop up your tablet so you can keep it out of the flour and have easy access to it for reference when you need it.  Williams-Sonoma, $73.16.

2 Hamilton baker's rack

Inspired by a vintage baker’s rack, this rack is designed with an array of features including open shelves, allowing your bakeware and baking ingredients to always be within arm’s reach. This baker’s rack also has a countertop, which is great if you ever need more space for mixing. Pottery Barn, $1699.41. baking-essentials-standmixer.jpg
3 KitchenAid stand mixer

Give your arms a break from the stirring and whipping and let this KitchenAid stand mixer do all the hard work for you. It’s available in a rainbow of colours so you can get the right one to match your kitchen - or try a bright hue and let this kitchen appliance stand out in your space. Williams-Sonoma, $520.80. baking-essentials-measuringcup.jpg
4 Adjustable measuring cup

This adjustable measuring cup is an ideal tool for kitchen measuring. Think of it as an all-in-one measuring device as it adjusts to the different sizes, making measuring (and doing the dishes) a lot easier! Amazon, $11.99. baking-essentials-pastrybrush.jpg
5 Pastry brushes

These professional quality pastry brushes are perfect for basting and greasing bakeware to ensure that everything slides easily out of the pan. Use the brushes to butter or oil your bakeware, waffle irons and griddles and you’re guaranteed to see a fully assembled cake or bread upon each removal. Williams-Sonoma, $13.32 - $35.72.

6 Nonstick loaf pan

Aside from being the ideal baking pan for making delicious breads, this non-stick loaf pan will prevent your cakes and breads from sticking to the sides, allowing for perfect form each time you remove it from the pan. West Elm, $26.32.

7 A year of cookie cutters

Here’s a baking item that will make the kids happy! Have fun baking cookies with the little ones all year long. These cookie cutters come in a jar with different fun shapes for the entire year. Each month comes with its own assigned shape - from a snowflake for January to a holiday tree for December. Crate and Barrel, $31.58. baking-essentials-icing.jpg
8 Offset icing spatula

This icing spatula is designed especially for cakes and is important when spreading the delicious frosting. Your cakes will be so smooth that it’ll seem as if a professional spread fondant all over it! Crate and Barrel, $10.06. baking-essentials-bakeware-organ.jpg
9 Bakeware organizer

Once all the baking is done, the treats are made and your dishes are washed, store your pans in this bakeware organizer. It saves cabinet space by having all of your cooking sheets and baking pans in one spot instead of cluttered in the cupboards. Crate and Barrel, $18.92. baking-essentials-cakedome.jpg
10 Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo cake plate with dome

Once you’ve finished baking a delicious cake for that special occasion, you’ll need something beautiful to display it in. And this cake dome is just the thing. This chic Luigi Bormioli cake plate and dome is a stylish way to showcase your work while keeping it out of the open air. Along with the recipe, your guests will also want to take this home, too. Target, $57.99.


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Food Tips

Baking essentials every at-home baker needs