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Cheery cranberries

Cheery cranberries

Cheery cranberries Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Cheery cranberries

4 things you may not know about cranberries

  • They're sometimes called bounceberries, because the ripeness is established by how well they bounce off a table.
  • British Columbia is the third-largest cranberry-producing area in the world.
  • Cranberry plants are pollinated mostly by the domestic honeybee.
  • They're perennial plants; some cranberry bogs still in production are more than 80 years old.

2 ways to try cranberries right now

  • In a tart sauce with a mild-flavoured fish like rainbow trout.
  • In a modern twist on the traditional Jewish Seder dish haroset. Mix cranberries into your recipe, with nuts, apples, dates, maple syrup and kosher red wine.

1 thing to remember at the grocery store

  • Choose bags that have mostly uniformly bright red berries. They should be plump, shiny, firm and dry, not shrivelled or mushy; remember to remove any stems.

1 essential thing all good cooks know

  • 20 percent of North America's commercial cranberries are used at our Thanksgiving holidays; you'll get the freshest supply then.

1 collectible to scoop up

  • An antique pine cranberry scoop, introduced in the 1850s to help workers pick the berries. The first cranberry scoops were wooden baskets with comb-like teeth that would pull the berries off the vines and drop them into the basket.

1 place to flood your cranberry senses

  • Bala, Ontario's annual Cranberry Festival; watch the traditional harvest and taste the flavours.


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Food Tips

Cheery cranberries