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Cooking with thyme

Cooking with thyme

Cooking with thyme Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Cooking with thyme

3 things you may not know about thyme

  • It's an evergreen plant; you can pick fresh thyme all year-round.
  • Thyme has strong antiseptic properties; before the development of antibiotics (even in the First World War) thyme was used to help clean wounds.
  • It's used as an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent in cough drops, moisturizers and mouthwashes.

2 ways to try thyme right now

  • In a fresh herbed salad dressing using a flavoured thyme, like lemon, orange or caraway.
  • In thyme honey, spread on toast. It's a delicacy—thought since ancient times to have the best flavour of any honey.

2 things to remember for your windowsill herb garden

  • Thyme is indigenous to the Mediterranean; plants like to live in hot, sunny conditions, and prefer well-drained soil.
  • Thyme is sweetest if picked just as its flowers appear.

1 essential thing all good cooks know

  • Thyme takes time to impart its flavour to a dish, so it's normally added to a recipe early in the cooking process.

1 way to take thyme out of the kitchen

  • Thyme symbolizes courage and energy, and is said to enhance memory. Add dried thyme, or thymol (thyme's essential oil), to a small herbal dream pillow at bedtime to boost your spirit.

1 reason to grow your own thyme

  • Aside from all its other benefits, according to legend, thyme is the perfect plant to hide the tiny houses of garden fairies.


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Food Tips

Cooking with thyme