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Creative cooking wine

Creative cooking wine

Creative cooking wine Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Creative cooking wine

3 things you may not know about cooking wine

  • The term was coined during Prohibition, when salt was added to kitchen wine so people wouldn't drink it on its own.
  • It's a bit of a misnomer today, as you should always cook with the same wines that you'd drink.
  • It adds taste, not alcohol, to a dish. Most of the alcohol burns off during cooking, leaving behind a subtle, fruity flavour.

2 things all good cooks know

  • The longer a dish is cooked, the less alcohol remains, so plan accordingly. Don't add the wine right before serving.
  • The kind of wine you use should complement the flavours in your dish. A meaty stew, for example, can handle a rich, full-bodied wine, while a sorbet benefits from something light and fruity.

2 ways to cook with wine right now

  • Serve a homemade wine jelly with crackers and cheese, or beside a roasted meat dish.
  • Add wine to the pot at your next fondue party. The alcohol lowers the boiling point of the cheese, keeping the cheese from curdling.

3 kinds of wine to keep on hand

  • A dry white such as a Sauvignon Blanc to add a light, fruity bounce to sauces.
  • A dry, robust red wine like a Zinfandel or Pinot Noir for use in hearty meat dishes and stews.
  • Sherry, Madeira and Marsala, all fortified wines (with additional alcohol added to help preserve them) that have a long shelf life.

1 thing to remember at the liquor store

  • Look for a familiar wine that you know to be consistent in flavour year after year. Don't forget to taste it every now and then to make sure!

1 collectible to snap when you see it

  • Skip the plastic bags at the liquor store and use a vintage metal carrier. Popular in France from the late 19th century, we love the diamond-shaped ones that carry four bottles.


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Food Tips

Creative cooking wine