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Recipe ingredient: Salt from the seas

Recipe ingredient: Salt from the seas

Recipe ingredient: Salt from the seas Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Recipe ingredient: Salt from the seas

3 things you may not know about salt
It genuinely accentuates the flavour of food. Next time you see salt on the table, don't just take it for granted. Use it and taste the difference a grain makes

It has protective properties-at least that's what those superstitious ancient Greeks and Romans thought. They're also the ones who considered it bad luck to spill the salt

There are people in France who harvest it by hand-only on clear days in the summer, no less. Look for the (pricey!) greyish-ivory Fleur du Sel sea salt from Brittany and see if it's worth it

2 ways to try salt
Take a tip from Australian foodie Donna Hay, and combine 1 tbsp ground cumin with 3 tbsp salt for a ‘cumin salt' to season beef, pork or lamb

Grate some of Selsi Sea Rocks's signature pink Himalayan sea salt rocks onto your next grilled steak. The unique sea salt bar in Toronto delivers customized salt concoctions for kitchen and bath

3 kinds of salt to keep on hand
Sea salt, for its large grains that dissolve more quickly than table salt

Kosher salt for more delicate palates, because it's less ‘salty' than sea salts

Regular old iodized table salt, which has been fortified with the iodine that our bodies need to keep running smoothly

2 tips you can't live without
To desalt a dish, throw a potato into the pot to absorb the salt

Wash wooden bread- and cutting boards with soap and water, then rub with a damp cloth dipped in salt to lighten and brighten them

1 thing to remember at the grocery store
Look for unrefined sea salt, which has more natural minerals than refined table salt or sea salt

1 collectible to pick up when you see it
• An antique or vintage salt jar or box, traditionally hung by the hearth to protect the salt from dampness


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Food Tips

Recipe ingredient: Salt from the seas