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Super shallots

Super shallots

Super shallots Author: Style At Home

Food Tips

Super shallots

4 things you may not know about shallots

  • They are an indispensable ingredient in most classic French reductions and sauces.
  • Although similar to onions, shallots grow in small clusters of bulbs on one plant (more like garlic).
  • Their flavour is concentrated-somewhere between the taste of garlic and onions.
  • They were named after the ancient city of Ascalon when 12th-century Crusaders returned home from the town with armloads in tow.

2 ways to try shallots right now

  • In the saucy, rich French beurre blanc with a twist: use red wine vinegar instead of white and serve with white fish.
  • Roasted whole in the oven with beets and thyme for a Sunday dinner side dish.

1 tip all good chefs know

  • As with garlic, browning shallots over high heat will make them bitter; use low to moderate heat to soften and caramelize.

2 types of shallots to try

  • Long ‘banana' shallots, with their lovely mild flavour.
  • Grey shallots from France called 'griselles'; they're la crème de la crème for French chefs.

1 essential tool for shallots

  • Use a professional 8- to 12-inch cook's knife with a deep blade, like Trident, Global or Henckels.

1 thing to remember at the grocery store

  • Shallots should be firm and heavy for their size. Avoid ones that have sprouted, and ones with soft spots.



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Food Tips

Super shallots