Thanksgiving decor: Tips for planning the perfect holiday party

Thanksgiving decor: Tips for planning the perfect holiday party

Thanksgiving decor: Tips for planning the perfect holiday party Author: Style At Home


Thanksgiving decor: Tips for planning the perfect holiday party

There’s a lot to love about Thanksgiving. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with loved ones and friends, and to sit down to a home-cooked harvest meal. For those who love to entertain, it’s also the official kickoff to the fall/winter social season. Even if the economy has made you a little more budget conscious than usual, never fear: With expert entertaining tips from the likes of party guru Nik Manojlovich, you can throw a fab Thanksgiving dinner no matter what your budget or time constraints. We spoke to the host and co-creator of TV’s Savoir Faire to get the lowdown on how to rock Thanksgiving like a pro.

Potluck protocol
One of the obvious questions when money (or time) is tight is: “Is it socially acceptable to host Thanksgiving dinner as a potluck?”

"Don’t worry" says Nik, "Potluck dinners rock but it's all about how you go about organizing them. As the host, always take the principle item whether it's the meat, poultry or vegetarian entree. Once this is decided, assign the starters, sides and desserts, based on each guests' expertise."

Tact is key so you come off looking like a consummate host, not a cheapskate. With relatives, avoid "over-sharing" that you’re going potluck because throwing Thanksgiving dinner yourself costs so much and it’s not fair etc, etc, etc!

Instead, flatter your guests’ cooking acumen. Of course, they’ll want to contribute! Nik suggests phrasing potluck requests along the lines of " 'This Thanksgiving, I really want to enjoy all my favourite dishes and, Suzie, I’d be so honoured if you’d make your Asian slaw. I know everyone will love it as much as I do!' "

With this approach, “everyone leaves feeling warm and fuzzy. They ultimately enjoy a fabulous dinner and also help in the preparation. Everyone's a winner,” says Nik.

Non-cooks can be assigned wines. Tell them what foods are on the menu and ask them to source appropriate drink pairings.

Decorating the table
Forgo pricey custom flower arrangements if your budget’s tight. In fact, you may find what you need in your yard or at the farmer’s market, says Nik. “This time of year allows us to raid our gardens and local fruit and vegetable stands where the simple addition of fresh cut fall flowers and the seasonal autumn harvest can add instant decor to any setting,” he says.

In addition, look for anything pure Canadiana. “I'm seeing a nod to everything Canadian. Perhaps it's the growing excitement as we prepare to host the Olympics!” laughs Nik. “Go rustic with cones, birch-bark-wrapped candles, nuts and berries, but also think about showing off cranberry and amber coloured glassware, handmade pottery and jadeite. Woven linens, wood and stick placemats ... anything that says ‘I'm so Canadian!’ "

More decorating tips
Looking for more ways to bring a harvest-inspired fall look to your interior? Work in some of these Nik-approved accessories:
• Candles – pillars especially!
• Cozy throw blankets and pillows – drape or toss them on sofas and armchairs
• Bowls of dried fruit and nuts (and, for parties, green and black olives)
• A bowl of apples on the sideboard or kitchen counter
• A TASSIMO hot-beverage system on the kitchen counter (It’s a quick and easy, no-fuss solution for making hot specialty drinks when guests are over, says Nik.)
• In the bath and powder room, cinnamon or spice-scented soaps, as well as linens with harvest or fall details
• Petite floral arrangements utilizing leaves, herbs, sprigs or evergreens or late-season blooms

Music tips
Sure, you may want to blast Radiohead (or perhaps Puccini). But, you have a mixed guest list, right? For pleasant but unobtrusive dinner music, try Nik’s go-to CD lineup: “The number one essential is Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Songbook. Number two, more upbeat and actually quite hip is Cafe Del Mar - Volume Cinco. My last choice is actually two choices and it's a toss-up: Koop Islands by Koop and Hang On Little Tomato by Pink Martini. Both are somewhat vocal heavy, but both sets of artists are wonderful to listen to,” says Nik.

Great hostess gifts

Heading to someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner? Offer nice hostess gifts and you’re all but guaranteed a spot on next year’s guest list! Or, do as Nik does and bake a pie – from scratch!


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Thanksgiving decor: Tips for planning the perfect holiday party