6 easy ways to take classic lemonade to the next level

6 easy ways to jazz up classic lemonade

6 easy ways to take classic lemonade to the next level

Classic lemonade is a warm weather staple, but it doesn't have to be so predictable. Here's how to jazz up the sweet and tangy drink for your summer soirees. 


1. Use fresh herbs

Mix up a pitcher of classic lemonade, and infuse it with herbs such as rosemary, thyme and mint — which adds a lovely touch of freshness. Make use of the fresh herbs you might have in your garden or any leftovers from the kitchen. For a pretty garnish, finely chop some herbs and mix them with a little granulated sugar. Rub the rim of your serving glassware with lemon juice and dip in the herb and sugar mixture. 


2. Flower frenzy

Make a simple syrup by combining equal parts water and granulated sugar in a saucepan and heating the mixture until the sugar dissolves. Infuse the liquid with edible dried lavender or rose petals, and let the mixture cool completely. Use the sweet syrup as the base of your lemonade and add a few dried flowers to each glass for a pretty finishing touch.


3. Mix with other fruit

Combine classic lemonade with summery fruit such as peaches, watermelon or berries. Chop the fruit and add to your lemonade for a simple (and pretty!) twist, and/or mix in a splash of fresh fruit juice or nectar. 


4. Make it boozy

Add an ounce (or two!) of bourbon, gin or vodka and top off with chilled lemonade and ice cubes for a grown-up version of the summery drink.


5. Fizzy does it

Mix your lemonade with a few bubbles to make it brunch-worthy. Sparkling wine or water are both great candidates.


6. Spice it up

Star anise, cinnamon and cardamom pair beautifully with a tangy and sweet lemonade. The spices will help cut down on the sweetness while adding a lovely flavour to your drink.



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6 easy ways to take classic lemonade to the next level