Our best blueberry recipes

Our best blueberry recipes

Our best blueberry recipes Author: Style At Home


Our best blueberry recipes

Once summer hits it's time to indulge in this delicious fruit as it's the perfect time of year for baking with blueberries. These sweet blueberry recipes will have your mouth watering for more delicious desserts.

best-blueberry-recipe-cream-puff.jpgBlueberry cream puffs
Topped with a light whip and a handful of fruit, these blueberry cream puffs will have you singing for warmer weather.

best-blueberry-recipe-tart-meta.jpgBlueberry tart
This tart is made with a slightly sweet crust and is topped with a handful of lovely berries.


best-blueberry-recipe-donuts-met.jpgBlueberry jelly doughnuts
A soft and sweet drip-down-your-chin treat that will have you savouring every last bite!

best-blueberry-recipe-panckaes-m.jpgLemon-ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce
For an easy breakfast, try these ricotta cheese pancakes with a delicious blueberry sauce.

best-blueberry-recipe-waffles-me.jpgCracked wheat waffles with cinnamon-allspice butter and blueberry syrup
Enjoy the sweet spice of cinnamon with these decadent wheat waffles.

best-blueberry-recipes-yogurt-me.jpgMartha Stewart's yogurt and blueberry pie
Try Martha Stewart's sweet spin on the breakfast parfait with this pie recipe.

best-blueberry-recipes-muffins-m.jpgBlueberry cobbler
Blueberry cobbler is one of those rustic, heartwarming dishes that is sure to please.

best-blueberry-recipe-cake-meta.jpgHot lemon blueberry pudding cake
Make this delicious pudding cake in a slow cooker for an easy dessert with a fruity surprise.

blueberry-recipes-all-about.jpgThe brilliance of blueberries
Everything you need to know about blueberries including facts, tips and recipes.

best-blueberry-recipe-ice-cream-.jpgBlueberry ice cream
Indulge in this cool treat on its own or paired with warm pie.

best-blueberry-recipe-wild-meta.jpgGo wild for blueberries
This berry good treat can be served for your friends or just for you.

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Our best blueberry recipes